RadRunner 3 Is Coming for Your Car
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RadRunner 3 Is Coming for Your Car

RadRunner 3 on forest path

Rad Power Bikes has announced the latest addition to their range of electric bikes: the RadRunner 3 Plus. This new model caters to riders who are looking for a more versatile electric utility bike that can handle a variety of activities, from work to leisure. It also comes with new cargo-focused accessories that make it easier for riders to opt for an e-bike over their car.

The RadRunner 3 Plus features a patent-pending frame that offers a 350-lb payload, greater stability, and more cargo capacity, making it perfect for riders who need to carry more gear or even a passenger. It also features Tektro hydraulic disc brakes that offer more precise and controlled stopping power, and an easy-to-read custom display system that shows real-time stats like power output, trip mileage, time, and battery level.

The bike has been fine-tuned based on rider feedback and extensive testing to offer enhanced comfort, upgraded technology, and superior rideability. It has a low-step frame, suspension fork, and ergonomic saddle that make for better comfort over longer rides, and it can reach up to 160 km (100 miles) on a single charge (with the optional dual battery range extender).

The newest CEO for Rad Power Bikes, Phil Molyneux, said, “We know our e-bikes are an extension of our riders’ lifestyles, and we’re excited to see how each individual within our expansive Rad community customises their ride to upgrade their lives and make every day experiences, even errands, joy rides.”

With over 350 combinations of accessories, the RadRunner 3 Plus offers riders the flexibility to customize their e-bike to suit whatever their needs might be.

In addition to undergoing rigorous safety and reliability testing, the RadRunner 3 Plus comes equipped with full fenders, a high visibility headlight and rear taillight, and tires with a reflective strip to maximize rider safety.

The RadRunner 3 Plus goes for £2,199 (about $2,645). If you want the Rad Range Extender, you can sign up for notifications on the Rad Power Bikes website.


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