3 Best Electric Tricycles For Seniors in 2023
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3 Best Electric Tricycles For Seniors in 2023

Man riding a Lectric Trike in a park with palm trees best electric tricycles

Electric tricycles are an amazing and utilitarian way to get around, go pick up groceries, get some fresh air, and even get exercise. The trikes themselves are very stable, and most have the batteries and motors mounted very low for added stability, and are designed with easy step-over mounting. One thing two of these have in common is a front-wheel drive hub motor, which offers not only great control but at least one way to make the bike go in reverse when needed.

They are also designed to fit through a residential door (36 inches wide) or a commercial door (up to 48 inches wide), which means you can ride them into some stores and use your own trike instead of having to switch out and use one of the store’s scooters if needed.

We picked these three based on fulfilling all of the above. There are different prices, components, and specs, and most either come with built-in baskets or you can buy them as accessories. Perfect for carrying groceries or perhaps your dog! Now may be the best time to buy one, as many of the companies have at least temporarily dropped the prices of their trikes.

Rad Power Bikes Radtrike 1

  • Maximum payload capacity: 415 lbs including up to a 325 lb rider
  • Single-speed drivetrain
  • Reverse
  • Top Speed: 14 mph

Rad Power’s entry into the trike world just debuted this year, and they’ve really done their homework. The trike is the most requested bike they’ve had, and it took them three years to develop it, and it shows in the details.

It features a 750W front hub drive that they’ve mapped the power curve so the bike won’t experience wheel spin. It will get you going via pedal-assist or throttle at up to 14 mph. It has a fairly simple one-speed drivetrain. I say fairly simple because the chain goes to the back, uses a jackshaft and a secondary chain and sprockets to drive one of the rear wheels, while the other one is just along for the ride. They did this in lieu of a differential, to make turning smoother and easier.

There’s even a reverse mode, so you can back up using the throttle. It has 5 different power-assist modes that allow you to use as much or as little power as possible. 

The bike has 18” rims, the smallest of any here, which helps lower the center of gravity for stability, but also is more impacted by bumps. Even more so by the relatively small volume in the 18×2.25” tires. It does come with a seat with lower back support, and because they use a standard seatpost and the seat has standard rails, you can get a third-party suspension post for it to help take the shock out of bumpy roads. 

It comes with no baskets, but integrated lighting. They do offer three accessory kits. The Essentials kit has a front basket and bike lock. The Around Town kit offers a front deck and a bike lock. The Haul It All kit has a front and rear basket.

Of course, it’s Rad Power Bikes, so they offer other accessories out the wazoo. Interesting stuff like expandable pet carriers, all manner of baskets, liners, and accessories, and they’ve even teased a full golf cart-style canopy.

There’s an optional add-in USB port to charge your phone or power other accessories (e.g. lights, speaker, etc.). If you live where it gets really cold, they have handlebar mitts that allow you to operate all the handlebar controls while keeping your hands protected from the elements.

You can buy a RadTrike HERE.

Rad Power Bikes Radtrike 1 Specs

Frame4130 Chromoly
ForkRigid steel
Motor750W brushless front hub motor
BatteryLithium-ion, 504Wh
Charge Time4-5 hours
Top Speed14 mph (Class 2)
RangeUp to 60 miles (claimed)
BrakesC-Star mechanical disc brakes
Rims18” aluminum
TiresKenda Kontact 18×2.25”
Weight82 lbs

Lectric E-Bikes Xp Trike

  • Maximum payload capacity: 415 lbs including up to a 330 lb rider
  • Unique rear-wheel drive
  • Folding frame
  • Top Speed: 14 mph

Lectric eBikes’ trike looks beefy, and it even folds. It features a very low step-through frame, optional front and rear baskets, integrated lighting, and more. It is one of the more unique setups I’ve seen on a trike, with a rear motor powering both wheels, instead of a single hub in the front. The 500W motor provides a very controllable 65Nm of torque to get you going, and it can offer pedal- or throttle-assist.

This placement of the motor does not allow for reverse, like a front wheel hub motor would one way or another. Lectric decided to power the rear wheels to reduce front wheel slipping, and they also had to build in a differential.

The removable battery is located behind the seat, so you can easily swap it out with another to double your range. That placement also means that there’s less in the way when you step through the frame. The frame on this bike is unique, in that it folds. I guess to take up a tiny bit less space in your garage?

There are hydraulic disc brakes, and there’s an integrated parking brake to keep the bike from rolling when parked and when loading cargo.

There’s integrated lighting to see and be seen at night especially, and Lectric kept it simple with a single-speed drivetrain for pedaling. There are a ton of accessories for it, especially front and rear baskets (not included with the base bike). The stock bike comes with a bicycle saddle, but there’s an optional support seat with a backrest for $39.

You can order one HERE.

Lectric E-Bikes Xp Trike Specs

FrameFoldable 6061 aluminum alloy
ForkRigid steel
Motor500W brushless rear hub motor
BatteryLithium-ion 48V, 672Wh
Charge Time4-5 hours
Top Speed14 mph (Class 2)
RangeUp to 60 miles (claimed)
BrakesHydraulic disc brakes
Rims20” aluminum
Tires20″ x 2.6″ Reflective Sidewalls
Weight69.5 lbs

Addmotor Triketan M-350

  • Maximum payload capacity: 450 lbs including up to a 350 lb rider
  • Suspension and fat tires smooth out bumpy roads
  • Very long range
  • Top Speed: 14 mph

Addmotor has a ton of trike choices, including some with rear or front hub motors. The Triketan M-350 is their front-hub-driven fat tire e-trike. Addmotor does offer some trikes with up to 1000W motors, but they’ve kept this one street-legal with a 750W Bafang front hub motor. 

The lithium-ion battery uses Samsung cells, and it boasts a whopping 960Wh (nearly 1kWh), which is why they claim it can go “up to” 85 miles on a single charge. In the real world, that’s a 120 lb rider carrying a cargo of helium-filled balloons on a road with no hills, while using the bike in eco mode. Though the battery is mounted behind the seat tube, there’s a sloping top tube that makes this the tallest of the step-through frames.

The integrated lighting is pretty sweet. There’s a rear light that also has a brake light, turn signals, and hazard lights. It comes with a sturdy rear basket with a liner that can enclose and protect your cargo, whether you’re picking up groceries or carrying stuff for a picnic. This is the only bike in the list that offers multiple gears to make it easier going uphill or downhill, so you aren’t as reliant on changing electric-assist modes.

It’s the beefiest of the trikes here, with a capacity of 450 lbs, including 350 lbs of rider. The basket in the back can hold up to 100 lbs of cargo. Between the 4” tires (20×4” in the back, 24×4” in the front) and the suspension fork with 80mm of travel, this bike would be very comfortable to ride on terrible roads and even gravel. All that sturdiness, plus the massive battery, add up to a bike that weighs 97 lbs empty. That’s something to consider if you ever need to transport it.

Tektro mechanical brakes bring this beast to a stop, but hydraulic brakes might be a bit better. Having brakes on all three wheels definitely helps. The seat with the backrest is standard, as is the front basket and fenders. The tires are puncture-resistant fat tires from Kenda. It comes in 6 color choices, including this white one with whitewall tires. 

You can order one HERE

Addmotor Triketan M-350 Specs

Frame6061 aluminum alloy
ForkAddshox Fork with 80mm travel
Motor750W Bafang front hub motor
BatteryLithium-ion 48V, 960Wh
Charge Time8-10 hours
Top Speed14 mph (Class 2)
RangeUp to 85 miles (claimed)
BrakesTektro mechanical disc brakes
TiresKenda 20″ x 4.0″ rear, 24”x4.0” front
Weight97 lbs



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