Will Atlanta's Rebate Get Your Family an Electric Cargo Bike for Free?
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Will Atlanta’s Rebate Get Your Family an Electric Cargo Bike for Free?

Woman riding Electric Cargo Bike with child in back cargo, Blix Dubble
  • Atlanta is funding a $1 million program to get more e-bikes on the road.
  • Applications will open for a week, starting June 16, and will be issued on a “lottery” basis.
  • Rebate values are between $500 and $2,000 each, depending on income eligibility and type of e-bike.
  • The program expects this will fund 800 to 1,000 e-bike transactions.
  • The electric bike rebate will be applied instantly at the point of sale and is only available for residents purchasing in-person from a local retailer.

My kids and I live in Atlanta, and our mayor campaigned on the promise to make it the best city for raising a family. Tackling traffic challenges and enhancing pedestrian options are big components, and three entities are working together on a solution: City of Atlanta, Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), and Propel ATL. They are offering $1 million in e-bike grants to residents like us to break down barriers to owning e-bikes, reduce transportation costs, and replace car trips to work, grocery stores, local parks, and schools. Personally, I believe e-bikes are fantastic for health and happiness.


Atlanta E-Bike Rebate Details

The program is expected to launch on June 16, 2024. It is open to verified City of Atlanta residents with different amounts for standard versus income-qualified rebates. Rebates are limited to one per resident, and bikes must be purchased at a participating local bike shop. The program is expecting this to fund about 800 to 1,000 e-bikes purchases.

The program will provide an upfront rebate known as a point-of-sale rebate, which means the rebate amount is deducted from the price of the bike when you buy it at a local bike shop. You don’t have to submit a receipt and get reimbursed after the purchase.

Table of Rebate AmountsInstant RebateIncome-Qualified Rebate
Cargo E-Bike$1,000$2,000
*rebate will cover the cost of the bike but no more; unused portions of a rebate will not be paid out as cash

So if you are eyeing an e-bike within the price ranges of those instant rebates, you might be able to effectively get yourself a free electric bike thanks to the city’s program.

Exploring My Family’s Options Within the Program

My kids and I intend to apply for this rebate program to add a new cargo e-bike to our stable and start exploring our options. We are specifically looking for an electric cargo bike that’s designed as a “car replacement” because cargo e-bikes can handle multiple riders — multiple kids and car seats — as well as hundreds of pounds of actual cargo. These bikes usually have bigger tires, longer ranges, and larger battery capacities than standard e-bikes.

Atlanta’s initiative is part of a broader trend, joining tens of other cities and states offering similar rebates.



For this to work for me and two littles, my search is for cargo family e-bikes that support car seats and are eligible for the Atlanta e-bike rebate. I took my kids to kick some tires at several of our local retailers, and here is what we found:

Cargo E-Bikes

We evaluated several electric cargo bike models to find the best fit for our family. Here are the detailed features and specifications of the bikes we considered. Each is eligible for the Atlanta e-bike rebate program:

Pedego: Cargo

  • Supports two car seats, or a bench seat for two larger kids, with handrails and footboards for comfort.
  • Features bigger tires on the Cargo model, providing more forgiveness over curbs and imperfect terrain.
  • Includes a water-resistant storage compartment behind the rider’s seat post (11.5L, built-in).
  • Offers a range extender (up to 132 miles, the farthest by far on our list).
  • Also offers a “wood” package for a handsome aesthetic and a folding feature to tuck the footboards out of the way.
  • Integrates LEDs with turn signals.

Surly: Big Easy

  • Provides the highest weight capacity and most durable build on the list, designed to handle heavy loads and rough terrain.
  • Has a commensurately high price tag.
  • Features the least compelling “dollar per mile” of electric range value in this list.
  • Includes integrated LED lights for visibility and safety.

Rad Power: RadWagon 5

(we checked out the RadWagon 4; the updated RadWagon 5 comes out around July 3, 2024)

  • Boasts new safety features and a condensed frame for better handling, accommodating shorter and taller riders (from 4’1” to 6’3”).
  • Provides space for two car seats in the back, plus additional cargo in the front.
  • Includes all-new accessories for kid-hauling with comfort features like footboards and handrails.
  • Integrates LEDs (brighter headlights, now 200 lumens) with turn signals.


Specialized: Haul LT

  • Features a 31-inch long, MIK-compatible rear rack.
  • Accommodates two kids in car seats on the back.
  • Includes footboards for rear passengers.
  • Offers front cargo rack plus front pannier mounts for carrying goods and bags.
  • Features a factory preconfiguration called the “School Bus Kit” for families.
  • Integrates LED head and tail lights.

Aventon: Cargo

  • Provides a large and kid-friendly rear cargo area.
  • Is large enough to carry two kids.
  • Features footboards and handrails for rear passengers.
  • Integrates LEDs with turn signals.
  • Offers the most affordable price point on the list with good value for money.

Blix Bike: Dubbel

  • Offers the best “dollar per mile” of electric range value in this list.
  • Features an integrated rear rack strong enough for another adult to ride on the back.
  • Includes lots of cargo connection points and accessories, like a frame storage bag.
  • Offers a unique dual-battery capable configuration.
  • Integrates LED head and tail lights.

Electric Bike Company: Model R

  • Builds bespoke e-bicycles that are highly customizable across aesthetics and technology.
  • Offers the most differentiated options when it comes to visibility, down to choosing the color of cargo straps, tire sidewalls, and even matching helmets.
  • Delivers fully-built and ready-to-ride bikes from the factory.
  • Boasts custom, built-in-the-USA battery packs and electronics with high-end promised stats.
  • Integrates LED head and tail lights.


ManufacturerModelPriceMax milesMax pounds$/RangeLink
PedegoCargo$3,995132400$30CARGO – Pedego Electric Bikes
SurlyBig Easy$5,49950450$110Long Tail Electric Cargo Bike | Big Easy Cargo E-Bike | Surly Bikes
Rad PowerRadWagon 5$2,19960375$37RadWagon™ 5 Electric Cargo Bike | Black | Rad Power Bikes
SpecializedHaul LT$3,50060419$58Haul LT
AventonCargo$1,59950440$32Aventon Abound Cargo Ebike | Free Shipping With Ebike Purchase
Blix BikeDubbel$1,79980400$22Dubbel Utility ebike – Blix Electric Bikes
Electric Bike CompanyModel R$2,49960420$42Model R: Rock-a-bye Roller – Beautify E-bike Bundle

The Choice For Our Family Bike

Based on this list, which are we most likely to buy? We’ll make that decision on or around June 23, 2024, depending on whether we are awarded one of Atlanta’s e-bike rebates. I appreciate the range-value of Blix’s Dubbel, the lowest price of the Aventon with space for both kids, and the factory packages for kids and cargo offered by Specialized and Rad Power.

With what we’re looking for, the price tag on each electric cargo bike is higher than the $1,000 instant rebate, so we won’t be getting a free electric bike anytime soon. But depending on what e-bike you want to get with Atlanta’s rebate program, you might get close yourself.

If you’re curious about which e-bike wins for our family, stay tuned for the follow-up article later this summer!



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  1. Outback Bikes offers many brands of E Bikes in Standard & Cargo models including but not limited to, Urban Arrow, Tern, Bunch, Yuba, Giant, Liv, Momentum, Marin, Batch, Velotric & Benno. They have been in business in Atlanta for 38 years. This is a family run business and they specialize in education and a commitment to the safety of the cyclist. Please be sure to stop in to test ride many brands and understand the classification differences.

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