InMotion Showcases Latest Innovations at Global Sources Trade Show

InMotion Showcases Latest Innovations at Global Sources Trade Show

InMotion is a tech company that manufactures of EV micromobility, from electric unicycles to e-scooters. These unicycles are the type that have a handle on top for easy carrying, and foot platforms on either side of the wheel to stand on and control it by leaning.

The scooters are more traditional, with models ranging from the Air Pro that sells for $799 to the S1 that is designed for bigger and/or taller people and sells for $1099. The Climber model has a 750W motor in each wheel and is designed for hilly areas. It sells for a grand.

The model they debuted at the Global Sources trade show in Hong Kong (April 11-14, 2023) was an off-road-capable scooter called the RS that combines (their words) “a sports car, a sedan, an SUV and an off-road vehicle.” When you look at the features and specs, they’re possibly not wrong. 


The entire floorboard is the battery pack, powering two 2500W hub motors. It has a top speed of 43.5 mph, a claimed range of 75 miles, full suspension, app connectivity, anti-theft features and a lot more. A 12X headlight is automatic, it has Bluetooth speakers, color-customizable wheel lighting, and an IPX6 rating so you can blast it through puddles.

The tires are semi-slick, no word if they offer a knobby tire as an accessory.


“We’re thrilled to be attending Globe Source Consumer Electronics this year and to be able to share our latest innovations in electric transportation with the world,” said Bob Yan, CEO of InMotion, “Our goal is to make sustainable mobility accessible and convenient for everyone, and we believe that events like Globe Source Consumer Electronics are the perfect opportunity to showcase the incredible potential of e-mobility.”

The price is commensurate with the features, at a wallet-melting $4999. It does look fun, though!

InMotion RS features:

  • 2500W, 4200Wx2 peak output
  • Top speed: 43.5 mph
  • Charge time: 4.5 hours
  • IPX6 waterproof rating
  • Claimed range of 75 miles
  • Anti-theft digital lock
  • App connectivity
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Automatic headlight
  • Customizable RGB wheel lighting


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