Hyundai and One Tree Planted: Together for a Greener Future

Hyundai and One Tree Planted: Together for a Greener Future

Hyundai and One Tree Planted: Together for a Greener Future
  • Hyundai invests in zero-emissions with 11 new EVs by 2030.
  • Hyundai & One Tree Planted expand partnership, planting 200k trees across North America, fighting climate change.
  • IONIQ Forest project focuses on reforestation, afforestation, and biodiversity, creating a cleaner world and strengthening Hyundai’s commitment to sustainability.

Hyundai Motor America and One Tree Planted are coming together to make a big difference in the world. The two organizations have announced an expansion of their partnership, which aims to plant an additional 200,000 trees across North America, bringing the total number of trees planted to 350,000 over the course of the multi-year partnership.

Hyundai is committed to creating a cleaner world and working towards sustainability. They partnered with One Tree Planted to plant trees and fight climate change, showing their dedication to a better future for all.

Hyundai donates award-winning EVs to One Tree Planted, accelerating journey towards zero emissions.

As part of this partnership, Hyundai has donated two IONIQ 6 electric vehicles to One Tree Planted’s fleet. These award-winning vehicles will be used at tree-planting events throughout the United States, helping to reduce emissions and create a cleaner future for us all.

Hyundai’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its continued investment in electrification and zero emissions. As part of this journey, the company has announced its accelerated electrification strategy, which will bring 11 new Hyundai EVs to market by 2030.

Hyundai and One Tree Planted partnership continues to grow, planting trees across North America for a sustainable future.

“Taking care of the planet is a critical part of Hyundai’s commitment to a more sustainable future,” said Brandon Ramirez, director of corporate social responsibility and external relations at Hyundai Motor America. “This extended and expanded partnership with One Tree Planted across North America furthers our sustainability efforts in more places around the world so we can remain steadfast in our mission to make progress for humanity and a better world for generations to come.”

Matt Hill, president and chief environmental optimist at One Tree Planted, also expressed his excitement about the partnership: “We are grateful for our continued partnership with Hyundai, and all the work we have been able to do together over the past year. As we move into our second year of partnership, we are excited to continue to get trees in the ground across North America, having positive impacts on nature, biodiversity, and communities.”

Hyundai’s IONIQ Forest Project makes a global impact on reforestation and biodiversity for a cleaner world.

This partnership with One Tree Planted is not the only initiative that Hyundai has taken to promote sustainability. The company’s ‘IONIQ Forest’ project, a global social and ecological effort focused on reforestation, afforestation, and biodiversity, has been making a significant impact since its inception in 2016 in South Korea. With each tree planting project around the world, the IONIQ Forest continues to expand and strengthen Hyundai’s commitment to creating a cleaner world.

Hyundai and One Tree Planted are working together to make a positive impact on the environment and promote a sustainable future. Through this partnership, they will plant thousands of trees across North America, reducing emissions and creating a cleaner world for generations to come. As Brandon Ramirez said, “We are proud to be making a difference and look forward to continuing our work together.”

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