Lime Expands Electric Scooter Fleet in Laval to Address Increased Demand
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Lime Expands Electric Scooter Fleet in Laval to Address Increased Demand

  • Lime electric scooter fleet to double from 100 to 200 vehicles to meet demand.
  • Director Sonia Kandola stresses safe riding, parking for success.
  • Lime’s 2024 relaunch in Laval, QC, Canada emphasizes safe, sustainable micromobility.

Lime, known for its innovative micromobility solutions, is excited to bring back its electric scooter fleet to Laval, Quebec, Canada in 2024. With a focus on transforming urban transportation into a shared, electric, and eco-friendly experience, Lime has become a leading player in promoting sustainable transit worldwide. In Canada, Lime stands out as one of the largest providers of shared electric vehicles, earning the trust of cities across the country.


Lime’s commitment to innovation and sustainability has been highlighted by its recent milestone achievement, with 2023 marking its most successful year to date. The company reported over 150 million rides globally, generating $600 million in gross bookings.

With a boost from its financial gains, Lime is ready to step up its game by investing in advanced equipment, hiring more staff, and upgrading its technology. At the same time, it’s committed to backing local projects that aim to make their services even better.

Lime Launches Fleet for Second Year of Laval Shared Electric Scooter

Sonia Kandola, Lime’s Director of Government Relations, highlighted the company’s unwavering dedication to fostering safe and seamless integration of micromobility solutions into urban landscapes. “Our goal from day one has been to ensure that the addition of shared e-scooters to the city’s transportation network is seamless and beneficial to all road users,” Kandola mentioned. “We saw last year the potential for micromobility to connect people with Laval Societe de Transport, alleviate congestion, reduce emissions, and support the economy by helping people visit the city’s restaurants and cultural attractions.”


The relaunch in Laval signifies Lime’s strategic focus on prioritizing safety and responsible parking practices, which have been pivotal in driving the success of its micromobility programs. Lime is doubling its fleet size to keep up with the growing demand from locals and tourists alike, building on the success of the program’s first year.

“Lime has high hopes for this year in Laval,” expressed Kandola, “and will be doubling its fleet from 100 to 200 vehicles to meet the demand from residents and visitors that was evident from day one last year.” To celebrate the relaunch, Lime is offering a 15% discount on one ride per rider until May 31st, encouraging individuals to experience the convenience and sustainability of electric scooters.

Echoing Lime’s commitment to fostering a culture of responsible riding, Kandola reiterated, “We will continue to emphasize safe riding and proper parking as we know that is the key to success in Laval.” Lime’s dedication to promoting safe, affordable, and sustainable transportation options highlights its pivotal role in shaping the future of urban mobility.



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