VMAX VX2 Extreme Electric Scooter Review: Top Performance and Outstanding Value
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VMAX VX2 Extreme Electric Scooter Review: Top Performance and Outstanding Value

Rider with helmet riding VMAX VX2 Extreme electric scooter on street
  • The VMAX VX2 Extreme has a 500W, 48V motor with 1600W peak output, capable of climbing a 33% grade and reaching 25 mph.
  • It offers up to 43 miles of range (GT version) with three battery options: 28 miles (LT), 34 miles (ST), and 43 miles (GT).
  • With a 330 lbs weight capacity, it’s SGS Certified for UL 2272 and features a 60W front light, tail light, turn signals, and regenerative braking.

If you’re in the market for a fast electric scooter, look no further than the VMAX VX2 Extreme. This foldable electric scooter comes from VMAX, a company founded in Switzerland in 2015 and expanded to the U.S. in 2023. Their U.S. headquarters in Los Angeles enables them to offer a two-year warranty with plenty of replacement parts available locally.

VMAX VX2 Extreme electric scooter side profile

True to Swiss standards, the VX2 Extreme e-scooter offers exceptional performance, impressive range, and robust build quality, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and seasoned riders.

The VX2 Extreme is the top-of-the-line version of their VX2 Pro electric scooter, which remains one of the company’s best sellers.

VMAX VX2 Extreme electric scooter side profile - foldable
The VX2 Extreme folds into a fairly compact package with a latch on the rear fender to allow easy carrying.

Unboxing and Setup

Unboxing and assembly VX2 Extreme is likely the easiest of any bike or scooter I’ve ever built. Basically, the handlebar is the only part that needs to be connected. You have to take care in feeding the extra wire sticking out to allow the bar to be detached for shipping, but once you do that, you press the bar/stem assembly into the steerer tube and you merely need to tighten four bolts with the included Allen wrench, then take off the plastic covering on the deck and steerer tube.

Power and Performance

The VX2 Extreme features a powerful 500W, 48V motor with a peak output of 1600W. This powerful electric scooter offers impressive range options depending on the model you choose (LT, ST, and GT), even if you live in really hilly areas with steep inclines.

VMAX VX2 Extreme electric scooter rear profile - motor, tire and brake
The hub motor takes up the entire rear wheel and is incredibly torquey!

They say it will climb a 33% grade. I don’t have anything that steep here, but I can say that it climbed the steepest hills I could find and it ran up them with ease! This electric scooter can reach a top speed of 25 mph.

Battery and Range

The VX2 Extreme electric scooter battery is housed beneath the deck, making the center of gravity very low, which makes it feel uber-stable. Going the max speed of 25 mph, you can ride with confidence. The battery is SGS Certified for UL 2272 for safety.

Rider with helmet riding VX2 Extreme electric scooter on street

The battery options for the VMAX VX2 Extreme include 48V, 10,400mAh for the LT version, 48V, 13,000mAh for the ST version, and 48V, 16,500mAh for the GT version. This long-range electric scooter offers impressive distance capabilities. The LT version offers a 28-mile range with a charging time of 5 hours, the ST version provides 34 miles with a charging time of 6.5 hours, and the GT version features an impressive 43-mile range with a charging time of 8.5 hours.

Riding Experience

Riding the VMAX VX2 Extreme is a joy. The aluminum frame is beefy. The whole electric scooter is designed to hold up to 330 lbs, making it a good electric scooter for heavier riders.

The motorized scooter’s thumb throttle on the right hand side provides instant acceleration, and the two riding modes, Eco and Sport, that you toggle with a dedicated E/S button. You can set it to go immediately when you press it, or only after you kick/push it up to 3 km/h. I recommend the latter, because the motor has an incredible amount of torque. Even set like that, if you mash on the throttle hard enough, it’s pretty easy to pull a wheelie!

Rider with helmet riding VX2 Extreme electric scooter on street

The 10” pneumatic tires offer excellent grip for cornering, and enough volume to smooth the ride on bumpy roads. There’s no suspension on this particular motorized scooter, so a little bend in your knees and arms goes a long way in making the ride more comfortable, and actually safer.

Because the air valves on the tires are short, VMAX provides an extension to work with most pumps.


I have to mention one thing that surprised me other than the incredible torque. The turning radius on this scooter is really tight, you can make a 180 inside a bike lane at slow speeds. Of course, if you were going to do that, you should make sure no one is coming up behind you.

Safety Features

Safety is important with the VX2 Extreme fast electric scooter. The front brake is a mechanical drum brake that works really well. Even in hard braking, the rear wheel stays on the ground. The rear brake, since the motor is the entire rear hub, is regenerative and actually offers full modulation by varying the pressure on the brake lever. The harder you pull, the more regeneration (therefore the more braking) it offers.

VMAX VX2 Extreme electric scooter LED headlight profile

The integrated lighting on this fast electric scooter is fantastic and very useful. There’s a bright 60W light on the front that works as a daytime running light for safety and can show you the road at night.

A tail light for safety also lights up brighter when either brake is applied. Two low, rear-mounted turn signal lights let people behind you know when you are turning, augmented by two turn signals on the bar ends that let people on your sides know what your intentions are. The two rear-mounted turn signals are protected by the rear fender mostly, but they’re flexible so if your foot hits them, they’ll flex instead of breaking.

For additional safety, there are reflectors on the sides of the fork legs.

The full fenders on the front and back wheel will keep you dry if you run through puddles. The VX2 Extreme has an IPX6 water-resistance rating, meaning you can even hose it off (but don’t ever submerge it) or ride in light rain.

Clean and Intuitive Cockpit Design

The cockpit is very clean, with grips that are very grippy, and your left thumb controls the turn signals, can toggle what the screen displays, and toggle between Eco and Sport modes. The right hand side has the on/off switch, headlight control, and most importantly the thumb throttle.

The only exposed cables are the two brake cables, outside of that all control cables are run internally for a very clean look. The left brake lever controls the front brake, and the lever assembly itself has an integrated bell. Clean, Swiss design at its finest!


An Electric Scooter Suitable for Both Adults and Kids

Is this electric scooter made for adults or kids? Well, it’s made for both. You can limit the top speed within the range of 12-25 mph, but remember if you limit it for your kid, they’ll eventually figure out how to set it higher. As an e-scooter at these speeds, there’s no licensing requirement to ride one, and you can share any bicycle infrastructure you have.

This e-scooter easily keeps up with vehicular traffic in urban settings, and during heavy traffic, can be faster than the cars around you. I’d definitely recommend at least a helmet as safety gear.

Final Thoughts

The VMAX VX2 Extreme electric scooter is just a riot to ride! It’s quick, it’s fun, I found myself grabbing it often to run errands or just go out for rides anywhere. It’s easy to use to explore anywhere. Its compact size and collapsible design make it easy to store and transport. You can easily chuck it in your back seat or your trunk, and considering the range you can ride it all day long!

Want to choose the color you’ll get? To paraphrase Henry Ford, “You can get one in any color you want, as long as that color is black!”

Rider with helmet riding VX2 Extreme electric scooter on street

Overall, I really like the VX2 Extreme GT. At $1199, it has plenty of power and offers more than most others, with an absolutely outstanding range. The LT version, priced at $999, and the ST version, at $1099, also provide excellent performance and value. With really good performance and a high fun factor, these scooters provide great value. It’s not a cheap electric scooter, it’s a high-quality foldable electric scooter at an affordable price.

Whether you pick the LT, ST, or GT version, you’re investing in quality, performance, and unbeatable value. Click here to buy the VMAX VX2 Extreme electric scooter.

VMAX VX2 Extreme Specs

Price$999 (LT), $1099 (ST), $1199 (GT)
Motor48V 500W Nominal, 1600W peak
Top Speed25 mph
Range28 miles (LT), 34 miles (ST), 43 miles (GT)
Battery48V, 10,400mAh (LT), 48V, 13,000mAh (ST), 48V, 16,500mAh (GT)
Charging Time5 hours (LT), 6.5 hours (ST), 8.5 hours (GT)
Charger56.4V, 2.0A
Display4” TFT
BrakesDrum (front), regenerative electric brake (rear)
Max Payload330 lbs
Width45.2 lbs (LT), 46.73 lbs (ST), 46.95 lbs (GT)



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