Toyota Electric Vehicle Sales Hit All-Time Highs - Here's What You Need to Know
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Toyota Electric Vehicle Sales Hit All-Time Highs – Here’s What You Need to Know

Toyota electric vehicle sales - Toyota Prius and Prius Prime triple-digit gains, March 2024, Q1
  • In March 2024, Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) saw U.S. sales surge to 214,894 vehicles, a 21.8 percent increase from the previous year, with electric vehicle models comprising 36.4 percent of total sales.
  • TMNA reported a first-quarter sales increase of 20.3 percent compared to the previous year, totaling 565,098 vehicles, with electric vehicle models representing 36.6 percent of total sales volume.
  • Lexus division achieved record-breaking March sales of 30,771 vehicles, up 16.7 percent, with electric vehicle sales soaring by 87.5 percent for the month.

Toyota has once again broken records in North America, proving its position as a leader in the electric vehicle (EV) market. With over 65 years of history in North America, Toyota continues its commitment to innovating new mobility solutions through its Toyota and Lexus brands and extensive network of over 1,800 dealerships.


With a workforce of over 63,000 people in North America, Toyota has played a crucial role in shaping automotive design, engineering, and assembly. Its 13 manufacturing plants have produced almost 47 million cars and trucks. The upcoming opening of its 14th plant in North Carolina will increase the production of automotive batteries for electric vehicles by 2025.

Image showcasing 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser in Heritage Blue

“Thanks to our diverse portfolio of 27 electrified vehicle options between the Toyota and Lexus brands, customer demand for our products continued to grow in March and in the first quarter,” said Jack Hollis, Executive Vice President, Sales, TMNA. “Our teams are preparing to launch more than 20 new, refreshed or special edition vehicles later this year including the all-new 2024 Tacoma with available hybrid powertrain, plus the all-new 2024 Land Cruiser and 2025 Camry, both exclusively with hybrid powertrains, offering even more electrified options that fits customers’ lifestyles and needs.”

March 2024 was a big month for Toyota Motor North America, as U.S. sales reached 214,894 vehicles, an incredible 21.8 percent increase from March 2023. Toyota electric vehicle models were particularly popular, with sales hitting 78,157 units, making up a significant 36.4 percent of total sales for the month.


In the first quarter of 2024, TMNA kept up its growth trend, reporting sales of 565,098 vehicles, a solid 20.3 percent increase from the same period last year. Electric vehicles continued to lead the pack, making up 36.6 percent of total sales, with 206,850 units sold.

Looking at the numbers, the Toyota division had strong sales in March, hitting 184,123 vehicles, marking a significant 22.7 percent rise. Toyota electric vehicle sales for the division saw a remarkable 57.0 percent surge in March, totaling 66,492 units. The first quarter showed a similarly impressive trend, with electric vehicle sales jumping by 76.4 percent, reaching 177,778 units.

Electrify Expo Orlando Hankook EV Demo District Lexus RZ 450e TX 500h

“Lexus continues to push the boundaries of luxury electrification, with March sales achieving record-breaking heights,” noted Toyota in the report. “A commitment to offering a diverse range of electric options, coupled with the exceptional performance and luxury synonymous with the Lexus brand, has resonated strongly with consumers.”

Electrify Expo Orlando Hankook EV Demo District Toyota TX 500h

March and First Quarter 2024 Highlights

ToyotaVolume-Based Metrics Unless Stated Otherwise
March Sales184,123
First Quarter Sales486,627
March Electrified Vehicle Sales66,492
First Quarter Electrified Vehicle Sales177,778
Cars (March Increase)40.8%
SUVs (March Increase)30.9%
Trucks (March Increase)15.3%
Top Performing Models:
– Prius, Prius Prime, Camry HEV, Crown, RAV4 HEVTriple-digit gains
– bZ4X13.1% (March), 11.7% (Q1)
– RAV445.1% (March), 47.4% (Q1)
– 4Runner70.4% (March), 60.2% (Q1)
– Sienna53.2% (Q1)
– Tundra41.3% (March), 31.0% (Q1)
Best-Ever March Sales:
– GR 86, bZ4X, GR Corolla, Crown, RAV4 PRIME
All-Time Best-Ever Month:
– Corolla HEV, Corolla Cross HEV, Crown, RAV4 HEV, Sequoia, Tundra HEV
Best-Ever First Quarter:
– bZ4X, GR Corolla, Corolla HEV, Corolla Cross, Crown, RAV4 HEV, RAV4 PRIME, Sequoia, Tundra HEV

Lexus Division
March Sales30,771
First Quarter Sales78,471
March Electrified Vehicle Sales11,665
First Quarter Electrified Vehicle Sales29,072
Cars (March Increase)4.5%
Trucks (March Increase)20.6%
Top Performing Models:
– ES HEV, NX HEV, NX PHEV, RX HEV, LS HEVDouble-digit gains
– RZ363.8% (March), 766.5% (Q1)
– LS5.6% (March), 18.6% (Q1)
– LC21.6% (March), 13.9% (Q1)
– NX15.9% (March), 10.0% (Q1)
Strong Sales of All-New TX9,956 (Q1)
Best-Ever March Sales:
Best-Ever First Quarter:
– Total vehicles, Total LUVs, Total NX, NX HEV, NX PHEV, RX HEV

Jack Hollis, TMNA’s Executive Vice President of Sales, credits Toyota’s diverse lineup for its remarkable success. With 27 electric vehicle options spanning the Toyota and Lexus brands, Hollis is enthusiastic about the upcoming release of over 20 new, refreshed, or special edition vehicles later this year. This includes the highly anticipated 2024 Tacoma, which will offer a hybrid powertrain, as well as the all-new 2024 Land Cruiser and 2025 Camry, both featuring exclusive hybrid powertrains.



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