Episode 289 with Ellis Spiezia - Doing It Different
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Episode 289 with Ellis Spiezia – Doing It Different

Image of Electrify Podcast episode 289 with Jarod DeAnda and Ellis Spiezia of Ellysium Racing
  • A 17-year-old sensation, Ellis Spiezia from Ellysium Racing, is shaking up racing norms with his passion for electric racing. From Xbox to the racetrack, he’s sparking change in the motorsports world.
  • Ellis champions a sustainable future through racing. He sees racing as a testing ground for new technologies and believes electric racing is a vital step toward eco-friendly innovation.
  • He inspires the next generation of racers. Ellis’ energy and dedication engage younger audiences through RC cars, showcasing the excitement of electric racing and encouraging diverse racing experiences.

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In the fast lane of innovation and electric excitement, we’re diving into the world of Ellis Spiezia, the 17-year-old sensation from Ellysium Racing, who’s giving a jolt to traditional racing norms. In a candid conversation with host Jarod DeAnda on episode 289 of the Electrify Podcast, Ellis spills the beans on his electrifying journey, his love for racing, and how he’s making waves in the racing scene. This journey traces back to modest origins and now resonates with the power of electric motors.

From Xbox to Racetrack: Ellis Spiezia and the Evolution of Ellysium Racing

Kicking things off, Ellis Spiezia, the man behind Ellysium Racing, takes center stage. If you’re wondering about the name, it’s got a quirky history: “Ellysium Racing was the original username I had on Xbox 360.” From Burnout Paradise to the racetrack, the name has journeyed with Ellis and stuck. “Anything Ellysium is pretty much us,” he chuckles, revealing the gaming roots that sparked his passion for racing.

Ellis fondly reminisces, “Burnout Paradise, that game was so ahead of its time,” as he recalls his three-year-old self in Florida getting hooked on the virtual driving world. He even dreams about an electric Burnout competition – now, that would be some high-voltage fun!

From Karting Prodigy to Electric Racing Trailblazer: Ellis’ Unconventional Journey

Ellis opens up about his origin story, hailing from New Jersey and diving into karting at the young age of four. “I started beating track records racing with adults,” he grins, reflecting on those defining moments. From there, he switched gears to electric karting, laying the foundation for his electrifying journey.

With determination and an unwavering spirit, Ellis found himself shifting from karting to electric racing in Europe. “We sort of got in because we thought if we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do it differently,” he explains. Ellis and his family saw an opportunity to embrace the unique challenges and resets that electric racing could offer.

Ellis delves into the highs and lows of his racing career, sharing how they turned a challenging year into a season of triumph. The family moved to Germany for an electric karting series, embracing the adversity and emerging stronger. “We had the best team on the grid,” Ellis recalls, reflecting on their resourcefulness and determination to overcome obstacles.

Fueling Change: Racing, Innovation, and Inspiration for a Sustainable Future

Ellis isn’t just racing for the thrill; he’s also an advocate for a greener future. He believes that racing serves as a proving ground for future technologies. While electric racing isn’t the only solution, it’s a step towards sustainable innovation. Ellis is excited about the potential for electric racing in the US, noting that change will come when the time is right.

With his charismatic energy, Ellis is inspiring the next generation of racers. He’s committed to engaging younger audiences, even using RC cars to educate about EV mobility. By showcasing the excitement and possibilities of electric racing, Ellis aims to create a pathway for aspiring drivers to follow. “I’m open to drive anything,” he exclaims, embracing diverse racing experiences and encouraging others to do the same.

Embracing the Future with Ellysium Racing

Remember, racing is not just about speed; it’s about pushing boundaries and sparking change. Ellis Spiezia is proving that innovation and electrification are the future of racing, and he’s doing it with a contagious energy that’s impossible to ignore. Whether it’s through his gaming roots, his passion for electric vehicles, or his advocacy for a sustainable racing world, Ellis is a driving force that’s propelling us into a new era of motorsports. The excitement is contagious, and he’s leading the charge into a future where electric racing roars louder than ever. Be sure to check out Ellysium Racing on Instagram (@ellysium_racing) for the latest updates.


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