Episode 326 with David Borla: Borla Performance
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Episode 326 with David Borla: Borla Performance

Electrify Podcast episode 326 with David Borla or Borla Performance
  • Borla Performance is developing customizable sound systems for EVs that mimic traditional exhaust sounds.
  • The sound system syncs with vehicle performance metrics to create a responsive auditory experience.
  • Borla is collaborating with OEMs to advance sound technology for EVs, aiming to lead market transitions.

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In this episode of the Electrify Podcast, host Jarod DeAnda engages with David Borla, Chief Marketing Officer at Borla Performance, a leader in aftermarket performance exhaust systems. As the automotive industry pivots towards electric vehicles (EVs), Borla Performance is at the forefront of adapting its legacy of enhancing driving experiences to the new era of EVs. The conversation goes into how the company is navigating this transition, highlighting innovative approaches to integrate Borla’s signature auditory experience into the quieter world of EVs without compromising on authenticity or quality. Join them as they explore the challenges and breakthroughs in creating immersive, customizable sound environments that resonate with both traditional car enthusiasts and new EV adopters.

Borla Active Performance Sound Speaker

David shares his initial hesitance about integrating traditional Borla products into the silent world of EVs, mentioning his desire to avoid gimmicks that might undermine their brand’s esteemed reputation. The conversation reveals Borla’s innovative approach to maintaining the emotive power of vehicle sound without compromising the inherent qualities of EVs.

A significant breakthrough for Borla was the adaptation of their sound simulation system, the Borla Active Performance Sound System, originally showcased at SEMA in 2014, into an EV-compatible system that enhances the driving experience by generating authentic sound feedback. This system uses a digital interface that allows drivers to select and customize sound profiles to mimic different exhaust sounds or create new ones. These sounds are tied to the vehicle’s performance metrics like throttle position and speed, making the experience immersive and responsive.

David expresses pride in Borla’s proactive stance in adapting to the new EV landscape, likening their strategy to a “Blockbuster vs. Netflix” scenario, where Borla plans to lead rather than follow market transformations. The discussion also touches on potential collaborations with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and other companies to explore sound enhancement technologies for EVs.

Throughout the podcast, the underlying theme is Borla’s commitment to innovation and excellence, ensuring that the transition to EV sound enhancement respects the company’s legacy while embracing the future of automotive technology.

For more information about Borla Performance, visit their website at www.borla.com and social media pages – Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.



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