Episode 328 with Kirk Miller: Hypercraft
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Episode 328 with Kirk Miller: Hypercraft

Electrify Podcast episode 328 with host Jarod DeAnda and Kirk Miller of Hypercraft
  • Hypercraft prioritizes advanced propulsion systems, simplifying EV powertrains for broader accessibility.
  • Partnering with Sierra Cars, Hypercraft proves electric power’s superiority in motorsport.
  • Hypercraft’s modular systems allow customized setups for different competitions, emphasizing efficiency and performance.

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In this episode of Electrify Podcast, Jarod DeAnda chats with Kirk Miller, Vice President of Direct Sales at Hypercraft, a company specializing in EV drivetrain systems including motors, batteries, wiring, software, and more. The conversation dives into Kirk’s extensive background in motorsports and the automotive tuning industry, reflecting on his transition from traditional internal combustion engines (ICE) to the forefront of electric vehicle (EV) technology.

Kirk discusses Hypercraft’s focus on advanced propulsion systems, highlighting, “We’re not just an EV company; our focus really is advanced propulsion, which includes a variety of power solutions tailored to enhance both motorsport applications and everyday driving experiences.” He highlights the necessity for more accessible and straightforward EV powertrains, reducing complexities that can often deter potential users. Highlighting the benefits of EVs, Kirk notes, “What you get with EVs, especially in motorsports, is not just about going faster. It’s about creating solutions that are less intrusive and more sustainable.”

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A significant portion of the discussion centers around Sierra Cars, a notable partner of Hypercraft. Kirk elaborates on their collaboration, stating, “Sierra Cars has been a phenomenal platform for demonstrating the capabilities of our EV technology in real-world motorsport scenarios. Their vehicles, designed for rigorous off-road and track conditions, are ideal for showcasing the robustness and adaptability of our electric drivetrains.” This partnership illustrates the practical application of EV technology in high-performance settings, proving that electric power can deliver competitive, if not superior, results compared to traditional ICE systems.

Jarod and Kirk also cover the modular design and versatility of Hypercraft’s systems, allowing users to customize their setups based on power needs and specific applications like drag racing, rallycross, and time attack competitions. Kirk passionately discusses how EVs could change the way we see racing and vehicle performance. He points to Hypercraft’s tech in Sierra Cars as a key example, “These platforms allow us to push the boundaries of what’s possible, creating cars that aren’t just fast but also innovative in their efficiency and performance.”


The discussion navigates through the challenges and opportunities within the EV industry, including the balance between performance enhancements and regulatory compliance. Kirk expresses concern over the automotive industry’s future under stringent regulations and highlights the importance of innovation and adaptation in maintaining the culture and excitement of automotive improvements. He states, “It’s about preserving the thrill of motorsports and automotive culture through new technologies that meet modern standards and expectations.”

Kirk’s vision extends beyond just automotive applications. He foresees Hypercraft influencing marine and military sectors, where the quiet and efficient nature of EV technology offers significant advantages. Reflecting on the potential crossover applications, he says, “Imagine the benefits in marine and military operations, where stealth and efficiency are paramount. Our technology is not just for racing – it’s for real-world critical applications.”

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His narrative intertwines personal anecdotes and professional insights, painting a picture of a future where electric propulsion not only matches but exceeds the capabilities of ICE systems. Kirk concludes with a forward-looking statement, “We are at the brink of a major shift, not unlike the shift from horses to cars. And it’s here at Hypercraft where we’re engineering the future of propulsion, making sure it’s sustainable, efficient, and most importantly, exciting.”

The episode wraps up with thoughts on the broader impact of EV adoption across various industries and the importance of continuing to push the boundaries of what electric propulsion can achieve, ensuring the legacy of motorsports and automotive enthusiasm persists through this new technological era.



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