Episode 329 with Bakari Howard: Falken Tires
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Episode 329 with Bakari Howard: Falken Tires

Electrify Podcast Episode 329 with Host Jarod DeAnda and Bakari Howard of Falken Tires
  • Falken Tires has adjusted its offerings to meet the unique needs of electric vehicles, focusing on handling extra weight and distribution, particularly in the EV truck segment.
  • Tires are vital for automotive performance, impacting on-road, off-road, and performance driving experiences.
  • Falken’s AT4W tires are designed for rugged durability and off-road capability while maintaining comfort for regular on-road use.

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In this episode of Electrify Podcast, host Jarod DeAnda chats with Bakari Howard, the Passenger, Light Truck and Motorcycle Events Manager at Falken Tires. This discussion gets into the often overlooked yet crucial role of tires in automotive performance, particularly in the context of electric vehicles (EVs). Falken Tires is highlighted as the presenting sponsor of Electrify Expo’s Outdoor Recreation.

Jarod DeAnda introduces the conversation by emphasizing the underappreciated nature of tires, comparing them to “toilet paper of the automotive world” due to their ubiquitous yet essential function. He highlights how tires impact various driving experiences, whether it’s on-road, off-road, or for performance purposes, noting the increasing relevance of tires in the EV sector.

Bakari Howard suggests that everyone desires premium quality, which aligns with Falken Tires’ commitment to producing superior tires. He elaborates on Falken’s approach to meeting diverse consumer needs, especially in the evolving EV market, noting, “There’s this new space with like EV trucks,” indicating a shift towards accommodating the unique requirements of electric trucks. Howard discusses how Falken Tires has adapted its offerings to better serve the EV community, stressing the importance of tires that can handle the additional weight and distribution needs of electric vehicles.


Howard further describes Falken’s product development, focusing on the AT4W tires, which are designed for rugged durability and off-road capability while maintaining the comfort needed for regular on-road use. This dual functionality caters to a growing segment of consumers who use their vehicles for both daily commuting and off-road adventures.

Highlighting the importance of specific tire features, Howard says, “You want a tire at the end of the day for a truck that you’re going off-road with to be rugged, durable… it needs to get you home.” This comment sums up Falken’s goal to provide reliable, high-quality tires that support varied lifestyles and driving conditions.

The conversation also touches on Falken’s marketing strategies and community engagement. Howard shares insights from events like the Electrify Expo, where Falken gauges consumer interest and gathers feedback to refine their products further.

In his final words, Howard reiterates Falken’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, particularly in the EV sector, by developing tires that meet specific performance and durability standards. He leaves listeners with a better understanding of the critical role tires play in vehicle safety and performance, encouraging them to consider this often underestimated component more carefully.



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