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PepsiCo is electrifying its fleet in California, deploying Tesla Semis and Ford E-Transit vans, supported by grants and an educational initiative.
HEVI’s GEL-5000 sale to New York Port Authority is a milestone in sustainable machinery, offering zero emissions and extended operation time.
Forum Mobility’s FM Harbor charging depot, backed by Elemental, drives zero-emission trucking at the Port of Long Beach.
Grosvenor’s ‘Pathway to Net Zero’ integrates EV charging stations and renewable energy solutions like solar and wind, cutting carbon emissions.
In the San Francisco Bay Area, CO2 monitoring shows a reduction in carbon emissions thanks to electric vehicle saturation.
The Biden-Harris Administration shared its strategic plan to decarbonize the freight industry in a four-phase plan that closes in 2040.
EV advocates celebrated an important milestone in March 2024, when Governor Gavin Newsom announced the installation of 100,000 EV chargers in California.
BSTABO unveils Rockman, an electric ATV developed with Zongshen, featuring a powerful motor and top speed of 80km/h (50mph).
The California Energy Commission approved a $1.9 billion investment plan to accelerate a Clean Transportation Program, significantly boosting EV charging.
Stellantis joins the rest of the EV automakers by adopting the proposed SAE Standard J3400 Connector.



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