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Are car dealerships doing more harm than good when it comes to electric vehicle sales? Let’s look at what’s going on.
Tesla introduces color paint protection film (PPF) for Model 3 & Y, offering both gloss and matte finishes. Could be a test run for the Cybertruck.
Tesla’s new Model Y upgrade delivers more power, improved interiors, and enhanced efficiency. Check if it’s worth the wait!
AJ Velasco’s award-winning Tesla Model 3 custom journey inspires EV enthusiasts to rethink possibilities in under two months.
Kevin Kwok’s 2018 Tesla Model 3 is a stunning showcase of creativity and innovation, winning awards and turning heads.
Ruined EV: A thriving online community passionate about customizing electric vehicles, embracing all brands, and fostering industry partnerships.
Tesla dropped prices on the Model X and Model S, allowing Model X buyers the opportunity to use the IRA tax credit.
New Tesla Model 3 stuns with stylish design, quieter interior, advanced tech, and improved efficiency for longer range at consistent pricing.
On this Electrify Podcast episode, Jarod DeAnda chats with racing pro Dai Yoshihara about his career, electric cars, and future plans.
Perry Kwok excels in crafting standout EV customizations, transitioning from MR2 to Tesla builds and earning awards in the process.




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