Effortless City Travel - New Honda Motocompacto Electric Scooter
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Effortless City Travel – New Honda Motocompacto Electric Scooter

Honda Motocompacto being ridden by girl in helmet
  • The Honda Motocompacto is an electric scooter with a 15 mph top speed, up to 12 miles of emissions-free range, and a quick 3.5-hour charge time.
  • Its distinctive foldable design allows it to become a compact carrying case, perfect for urban environments and tight storage.
  • Safety features include a robust frame and LED lights, while a smartphone app enables riders to customize lighting and ride modes for a personalized experience.

In the hustle and bustle of modern urban life, we all crave a breath of fresh air – both for ourselves and our planet. Enter the Honda Motocompacto e-Scooter, a solution to your daily commute conundrum.

Efficiency and Innovation: Unveiling the Honda Motocompacto Electric Scooter

With a top speed of 15 mph and a range of up to 12 miles on a single charge, the Honda Motocompacto electric scooter is your green ticket to zipping through the city without leaving a carbon trail. And speaking of charging, it’s lightning-quick, taking just 3.5 hours to juice up on your regular 110v outlet.

Jane Nakagawa, VP of R&D at American Honda Motor Co., Inc., sums it up perfectly: “Motocompacto is uniquely Honda – a fun, innovative, and unexpected facet of our larger electrification strategy.” She nails it! It’s the fun factor combined with eco-friendliness that makes this ride truly stand out.

Your Foldable Scooter Companion

What’s even cooler? The Honda Motocompacto is foldable in a snap, transforming into a compact carrying case. It’s like having your own personal magic trick! Easy to stash in your car, hop on public transportation, or tuck away in tight spaces, this scooter screams convenience.

Imagine riding effortlessly through city streets or across college campuses, all while enjoying the plush seat, secure foot pegs, onboard storage, digital speedometer, charge gauge, and a handy carry handle. You can also connect it to your phone via Bluetooth®, and you can customize your ride, adjusting lighting and modes to match your style.

Ensuring Your Ride is Safe and Secure

Safety is important too, thanks to a strong aluminum frame, LED lights, side reflectors, and a kickstand with a built-in lock loop.

“Motocompacto is easy to use and fun to ride, but was also designed with safety, durability, and security in mind,” said Nick Ziraldo, project lead and design engineering unit leader at Honda Development and Manufacturing of America. “It uses a robust heat-treated aluminum frame and wheels, bright LED headlight and taillight, side reflectors, and a welded steel lock loop on the kickstand that is compatible with most bike locks.”

Don’t worry about finding a charger either; it comes with its own compact charger. No more scrambling for power outlets; it’s all right there on board. Plus, you can make it your own with decals, stickers, skins, and a range of Honda Motocompacto accessories, including a helmet, backpack, and more.

Key Specifications and Features

Motor TypePermanent magnet, direct drive
Peak Output490W
Torque11.8 lb.-ft./16 Nm
DriveFront-wheel drive
Max Speed15 mph
Battery Capacity6.8Ah
Charge Time3.5 hours (110v)
RangeUp to 12 miles
Wheelbase29.2 inches
Length (ready-to-ride / folded)38.1 inches / 29.2 inches
Height (ready-to-ride / folded)35.0 inches / 21.1 inches
Width (ready-to-ride / folded)17.2 inches / 3.7 inches
Seat Height24.5 inches
Weight41.3 lbs.



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