Honda Prelude's Triumphant Return: A Hybrid-Electric Coupe to Rekindle the '90s Vibe
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Honda Prelude’s Triumphant Return: A Hybrid-Electric Coupe to Rekindle the ’90s Vibe

Image showcasing Honda Prelude hybrid electric concept car at Japan Mobility Show 2023
  • The Honda Prelude returns as a hybrid concept, not fully electric.
  • Specifics about the car are scarce, but it aims to revive the “joy of driving.”
  • Honda’s President sees it as a specialty sports model, part of their nostalgia-driven strategy.

Remember the ’90s? Those glorious days of Friends and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air TV sitcoms, Spice Girls, Nokia 3210 cell phone, Beanie Babies, Pokémon cards, Britney Spears and NSYNC, and, of course, the Honda Prelude. Well, guess what? Honda has just thrown a curveball by bringing back the iconic Prelude, albeit in a concept car form that’s got everyone talking. At the Japan Mobility Show, they pulled the curtains back on this exciting comeback, and here’s the scoop.

First things first, let’s clear the air – the new Prelude isn’t fully electric; it’s a hybrid. Yes, you heard that right. Honda decided to blend the best of both worlds, harnessing the power of electricity while still keeping that gas engine in the mix.


But, the deets on this sleek coupe are as thin as a Tokyo car show brochure. We’re talking thinner than a strand of hair. What do we know for sure? Well, it’s electric, and it’s promising to bring the “joy of driving” that got us all hooked on Preludes in the first place, as we transition into Honda’s electrified future.

Image showcasing Honda Prelude hybrid electric concept car front headlight at Japan Mobility Show 2023

Picture a white, two-door stunner that’s giving off that “ready for production” vibe. No crazy external displays, no retracting steering wheels – it’s like a throwback to the days when cars were just, well, cars. And isn’t that refreshing?

Now, you might be wondering, where are the interior photos? Well, Honda didn’t spill all the beans at once. They kept us on the edge of our seats, revealing the Prelude Concept right at the end of their presentation, after dazzling us with electric aircraft, jets, micro-mobility solutions, and their partnership with GM’s Cruise autonomous taxi business.

Image showcasing Honda Prelude hybrid electric concept car rear taillight at Japan Mobility Show 2023

But fear not, because Honda’s President, Toshihiro Mibe, dropped some hints. He called the Prelude Concept a “specialty sports model” that’s all about delivering an exhilarating experience. Something that’ll make you want to keep driving forever, and experience excitement like never before. Now that’s a tall order, but hey, we’re here for it!


Mibe says, “Honda has always been committed to creating sporty vehicles,” and they see this Prelude as the “introductory or preceding performance” for their future models. They’re dead set on infusing the electrified future with the essence of Honda’s unshakeable sports mentality.

Honda’s got the Integra and the Type R in the works, too. Seems like they’re cashing in on nostalgia, and honestly, we’re all for it. If the Prelude lives up to its name, it’s going to be something to look forward to.

Image showcasing Honda Prelude hybrid electric concept car rear at Japan Mobility Show 2023

So, what about the nitty-gritty, like power and drivetrain? Well, we’re still in the dark on that one too. Honda’s keeping those cards close to the chest. But for now, let’s bask in the glow of the iconic Prelude name on that gorgeous body.

In the grand scheme of things, this Prelude Concept is just one of many exciting projects Honda revealed to celebrate their 75th anniversary. They’ve also got the SUSTANIA-C Concept and the super cute electric scooter, Pocket Concept, both made from recycled acrylic resin.

So, the Honda Prelude’s making a comeback, and it’s making us feel all nostalgic. We can’t wait to see if this electrified hybrid coupe lives up to the hype. Until then, let’s keep those ’90s vibes alive and hope for the best.


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