New Charging Network Access for Honda and Acura EVs
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New Charging Network Access for Honda and Acura EVs

Honda EV rear view, easier access to EV charging network
  • Honda and Acura EV drivers will get to choose from three charging packages that fit their lifestyle. 
  • Honda EV drivers will access charging features and credits through the HondaLink smartphone app. 
  • Honda joined a network of seven major automakers who will work together to build a reliable and convenient charging network across the U.S. 

As deliveries of the Honda Prologue are on the horizon, Honda announces that its brands have entered into an agreement with major charging companies. Honda and Acura EV drivers will have the NACS charging ports that allow access to the Tesla Supercharger network. 

Honda and Acura EV drivers will receive credits to Electrify America, EVgo, and Tesla Supercharger networks. By 2023, Honda and Acura EV drivers will have access to over 100,000 DC fast-charging stations. The goal is to deliver stress-free charging while on the road. 

Access Charging Features with One App

The partnership involves more than credits at public charging stations. Honda and Acura EV drivers will have a single app to use at these charging stations. 

Honda drivers will use the HondaLink app to find stations, use their charging credits, pay for charging, and access their subscriptions to EVgo and Electrify America. Acura drivers will use AcuraLink to access EV features. Without the HondaLink or AcuraLink app, drivers would have to use different apps for different charging companies. 

Choose a Charging Package

When closing on their new EVs, Honda and Acura customers will choose a charging package. Both brands will offer three packages that include charging credits, at-home charging technology, and installation credits. The packages are built for homeowners, renters, new EV drivers, and experienced EV owners. 

All options include 60 kWh of charging at Electrify America. One option will include a Level 2 at-home charging station and $500 installation credit, and a $100 charging credit at EVgo. The second option will include a portable Level 1 and 2 charging kit, a $250 installation credit, and a $300 charging credit at EVgo. The third package includes a $750 charging credit at EVgo. 

Like Hyundai, Honda will offer installation through the Honda Home Electrification and Acura Home Electrification marketplaces. New owners will have a limited time to take advantage of the installation credits. These marketplaces include details about local electricians and help from energy advisors who can answer questions about rebates, installation, and other low-emissions electrification products like rooftop solar panels and heat pump water heaters. 

These options could change slightly before the release of the 2024 Honda Prologue and Acura ZDX EVs.

Opening Access to the Tesla Supercharger Network

The 2024 Prologue and ZDX will come with a CCS charging port, but they can use the Tesla Supercharger using a charging adaptor. In 2025, Honda expects to release a new EV equipped with the NACS (Tesla) charging port. After 2025, all upcoming Honda and Acura models will be equipped with the NACS port as a standard feature. 

The Joint Venture to Improve Charging Infrastructure

Honda also plans to work closely with BMW Group, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, and Stellantis to develop a fast-charging network. This joint venture is meant to speed up infrastructure projects to encourage more people to buy electric vehicles. Automakers understand that the current charging infrastructure needs to become convenient and reliable. 

The project is expected to create a network of multiple high-powered DC chargers so customers can use their EVs for road trips. The seven automakers plan to power the charging stations with renewable energy. Each station will have CCS and NACS charging stations, and the joint venture should meet or exceed the U.S. National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program. 



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