Episode 320 with Larry Pizzi: Alta Cycling Group
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Episode 320 with Larry Pizzi: Alta Cycling Group

Promotional image for Electrify Podcast Episode 320 with host Jarod DeAnda, guest host Tony Donaldson, and guest Larry Pizzi, titled Alta Cycling Group

Larry Pizzi, General Manager of Alta Cycling Group and an industry expert in micromobility, joins host Jarod DeAnda and guest host Tony Donaldson in a recent conversation on Electrify Podcast. Electric bikes (ebikes) have surged in popularity in recent years, offering an eco-friendly and efficient alternative to traditional bicycles and motor vehicles. However, as the ebike market continues to expand, so do the challenges and opportunities surrounding their adoption. In this podcast, the three explore the landscape of e-bikes, shedding light on crucial issues and exciting innovations in the industry.

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Larry Pizzi, a prominent advocate for ebike safety and regulation, highlighted the importance of adhering to regulatory standards to ensure safety on the roads. He highlighted the need for clarity in defining different classes of ebikes, particularly focusing on the distinction between low-speed electric bicycles and higher-powered electric vehicles (EVs). Pizzi stated, “To be a class three legal ebike, you first have to meet the Federal definition of a low-speed electric bicycle.”

A significant concern raised by Pizzi was the increase of low-quality ebikes in the market, particularly those labeled as class three but lacking proper safety features. He stressed the detrimental impact of such products, stating, “These are really products that are destructive to getting ebikes normalized and to further proliferate.”

Pizzi also addressed the pressing issue of battery fires, especially in low-quality ebikes used by gig workers. He highlighted the need for stringent regulations and quality standards to prevent such incidents, stating, “We need a regulatory landscape so that bad products, unsafe products, or untested products with sketchy batteries never make it into the stream of commerce.”


In addressing the challenges posed by irresponsible ebike modifications, Pizzi emphasized the importance of education and enforcement. He stressed the need for consumer awareness and proper training for new ebike owners to ensure safe riding practices.

Tony Donaldson, an expert in ebike technology and contributor to Electrify News, shared insights into exciting innovations on the horizon, particularly focusing on smart bike technology. He highlighted advancements such as automatic shifting and integrated torque sensors, which enhance the riding experience and promote safety. Donaldson noted, “The best is yet to come with regard to ebike tech.”

The conversation also touched upon the role of ebike advocates in promoting responsible riding and supporting regulatory initiatives. Larry Larry Pizzi dives into ebike safety regulations and challenges while Tony Donaldson explores forthcoming smart bike innovations on Electrify Podcast.Pizzi stressed the importance of advocacy in shaping policies and educating the public, stating, “Do the right thing. Let’s not make that much to ask.”

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