Episode 321 with Danny Kim and Kristina Chung: Lit Motors
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Episode 321 with Danny Kim and Kristina Chung: Lit Motors

Promotional image of Electrify Podcast episode 321 with guests Danny Kim and Kristina Chung of Lit Motors

Lit Motors, headquartered in San Francisco, is gaining attention in the electric vehicle (EV) industry with its innovative two-wheeled vehicles that use gyro-stabilization. Jarod leads a dynamic conversation with Lit Motors’ CEO, Danny Kim, Head of Marketing, Kristina Chung, and co-host and Electrify News micromobility contributor, Tony Donaldson. They dive into Lit Motors’ beginnings, its future goals, and the unique features that make its vehicles stand out in the world of EVs.

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Lit Motors’ gyro-stabilization technology is a standout feature, providing a car-like experience with motorcycle-like maneuverability. Tony, a two-wheeled vehicle enthusiast, is especially excited about this breakthrough, seeing its broad appeal for both enthusiasts and practical consumers.

self-balancing motorcycle on road overlooking mountain valley

Danny Kim shares his childhood fascination with gyroscopes, which ultimately led to the integration of NASA technology into Lit Motors’ vehicles. He emphasizes the safety benefits of gyro stabilization, including rollover prevention and enhanced side impact protection.

Kristina Chung, Head of Marketing, sheds light on the emotional connection consumers feel with their vehicles, viewing them as a gateway to freedom and fun. This emotional resonance, coupled with the vehicles’ advanced technology, appeals to a diverse consumer demographic, from performance enthusiasts to entry-level car buyers.

Technical details such as drive-by-wire steering and streamlined design contribute to the vehicles’ efficiency and range. They anticipate bringing these innovative products to market within the next few years, leveraging partnerships with experienced automotive production teams.


Jarod commends Lit Motors for its impressive lineup of advisors and connections with industry giants like Audi and Volkswagen. He appreciates the team’s transparency and simplicity in communicating their vision, noting the emotionally engaging and transparent nature of their website.

Danny highlights Lit Motors’ dedication to openness and progress, understanding the significance of incorporating different viewpoints into their vehicle design process. He envisions crafting a product that sparks an instant connection, much like falling in love at first sight.

Lit Motors self-balancing motorcycle on downtown street

The conversation also touches on practical aspects such as charging time and traction control capabilities. Kristina explains the charging process, highlighting its cost-effectiveness and efficiency compared to traditional gasoline refueling, while Danny discusses the vehicle’s slip control feature for driving in various conditions.

Lit Motors’ commitment to transparency, inclusivity, and collaboration is evident, giving us a peek into what drives their groundbreaking approach to transportation. With a mix of enthusiasm, technical know-how, and a keen eye on user satisfaction, Lit Motors is set to transform the EV industry for years to come.

For more information on Lit Motors, visit their website online at www.litmotors.com or follow them on X/Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.



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