Episode 287 with Lucy Block and Lia Block - Pedal Mashers
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Episode 287 with Lucy Block and Lia Block – Pedal Mashers

Electrify Podcast episode 287 with host Jarod DeAnda and an exclusive interview with Lucy and Lia Block, called Pedal Mashers.
  • Lucy Jones Block is an accomplished racer, notably an ARA National Champion, with her daughter Lia Block also making strides in racing.
  • Lia Block manages schooling alongside racing, opting for online learning due to her busy schedule, demonstrating her commitment to both academic excellence and racing.
  • Lucy and Lia Jones Block endorse electric vehicles for their smooth drive and environmental benefits, acknowledging their role in reducing pollution while emphasizing the importance of cleaner transportation.

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In the world of motorsports, few names are as synonymous with innovation, adrenaline, and audacious driving as Ken Block. Renowned for his remarkable contributions to the racing industry, Block’s legacy lives on through his family. Lucy Jones Block and her daughter, Lia Block, continue to uphold the family’s tradition of excellence on the track. In an exclusive interview with Electrify Podcast host Jarod DeAnda, Lucy and Lia provide intriguing insights into their racing journey, their perspectives on electric vehicles (EVs), and the delicate balance between racing and education. Join us as we delve into the dynamic world of the Block family, where passion for racing and a commitment to sustainable driving converge.

Lucy Jones Block, a pivotal figure in the racing scene, has achieved numerous accomplishments, including being an ARA National Champion. However, aside from her racing exploits, the interview delved into what keeps her busy and excited. Lucy’s dedication to racing is evident, but her role expands beyond the track. She has been instrumental in changing the marketing landscape for race teams and cars, leaving a lasting impact.


Lia Block, Lucy’s daughter, is following in her mother’s footsteps as a rising star in the racing world. At the young age of a high school student, Lia is already a force to be reckoned with, aiming high to make a name for herself. Despite juggling her studies and a demanding racing schedule, Lia’s determination to excel shines through.

One interesting topic discussed was Lia’s schooling. Due to her demanding racing schedule, Lia has had to balance traditional schooling with online learning to ensure her mental well-being. The pressure to maintain high grades is palpable, with Lia’s family setting the bar high – only A grades make the cut. The Block family values education and excellence, a trait that runs parallel to their dedication to motorsports.

As proponents of EVs, both Lucy and Lia expressed their enthusiasm for the EV movement. Lucy spoke about her appreciation for EVs’ smooth driving experience and their contribution to reducing air pollution. While they acknowledge that EVs alone might not be the ultimate solution to environmental concerns, they believe that taking steps towards cleaner transportation is essential for the planet’s future.


Lia and Lucy also discussed their upcoming challenges in the racing world. They’re preparing for the Baja 1000, a grueling off-road race known for its demanding terrain and endurance requirements. They shared their excitement about the race and their goal to finish strong. Drawing a distinction between their experiences in Extreme-E and Baja, they acknowledged that Baja’s unique demands offer a whole different level of challenge.

Their perspective on EVs finds resonance in the evolving market, particularly with the introduction of SIERRA Echo EV. SIERRA, a prominent name in the automotive industry, has been making waves with their EV offerings. Among them, the SIERRA Echo EV stands out as a prime example of sustainable performance. This EV not only exemplifies the marriage of high-performance racing with eco-conscious driving but also echoes the Block family’s commitment to pushing boundaries.

Legacy of Ken Block

The interview wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging the late Ken Block, Lucy’s husband and a motorsport icon. Ken’s impact on the racing and automotive world is immeasurable, as he revolutionized marketing for race teams and cars. Lucy and Lia discussed the importance of continuing Ken’s legacy, not only in racing but also in fostering the values and communities he cherished.

In another notable event, Lucy paid tribute to her late husband Ken at Pikes Peak, showcasing their ongoing legacy in the world of motorsports and their commitment to embracing EVs. The gesture highlighted the enduring impact Ken Block has left on the racing community and his family’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of racing and EV technology.

In addition to their passion for racing, Lucy and Lia Block’s dedication to making a positive impact in the world is evident. Their enthusiasm for EVs, commitment to education, and dedication to keeping Ken Block’s legacy alive showcase their multifaceted approach to life and racing. As they continue to carve their own path in the racing world, their story resonates with enthusiasts and aspiring racers alike. You can follow their journey on Instagram at Forty Three Institute and Block House Racing.


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