This Electric Unicycle from InMotion Can Hit 87 MPH!
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InMotion Unicycle Can Hit 87 MPH

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That theoretical top speed is probably destined to stay theoretical, but even at “just” 60 MPH the InMotion V13 is a rocket!

All right, kids – we might have seen it all now. E-mobility covers all sorts of vehicle types, from cars and bikes to scooters and trikes. Well, it also encompasses unicycles, because if it has wheels, well goshdarnit we’re gonna electrify that thing. But have you ever seen a unicycle that can go 87 MPH? Neither did we, and yet: meet the InMotion V13 Challenger.

Electric unicycles do have their advantages, including easier carrying and storage than a hefty e-bike or a rigid e-scooter, as well as not being classed or limited in speed like e-bikes are. And so electric unicycles have become faster and more powerful, clearing the way for the V13 Challenger.

The battery pack on this beast has just a tick over 3 kWh of capacity, and the high voltage of 126 V helps it reach its 4,500 W power output – as the continuous power rating, that is. That’s several multiples more power than most of the Class 1 and 2 e-bikes you’ve ridden, while the V13 Challenger’s peak power output is a blistering 10,000 W, which gives the V13 its crazy speed capabilities.

Now, the 87 MPH measurement is its wheel lift speed (the unloaded top speed of the wheel when the unit is lifted into the air). Riding on flat ground, the unicycle probably won’t reach that speed, but its operational top speed will still be good for around 60 MPH, while its available 300 Nm of torque means it can get you up just about any hill you’ll find – perfect for San Francisco commuters!

“INMOTION is always looking for creative ways to excite our riders and provide an exhilarating adventure.” said Bob, CEO of InMotion. “Challenger represents a new era in electric unicycle, we aim to be a game changer in this field.”

To keep riders from destroying their joints by going over bumps at these high speeds, the InMotion V13 Challenger has 3.5″ of suspension travel. And it also has a rolling handle for walking it along when you’re not actively riding – and you’ll need that option, too, as this beefy boy weighs 110 lbs., so it’s not like you’ll just be carrying it across your threshold.

Speed freak unicycle enthusiasts can pre-order the V13 with a $1,000 deposit, with the remaining $2,999 balance due on delivery, which is expected to happen by Christmas (Santa might need more reindeer to haul that delivery around, though).


InMotion V13 Challenger Features




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