New bo M is Like E-scooters, the Next Generation
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E-scooters, the Next Generation

Bo M is a next-gen electric scooter

It looks like something out of a campy 90s sci-fi epic, and we couldn’t be happier about it — meet the new bo M next-generation e-scooters!

UK-based micromobility startup bo has announced its first-ever product: the bo M, an e-scooter that comes with innovative steering technology, dubbed Safesteer.

Make no mistake, bo sees Safesteer as the major selling point of this scooter. It’s meant to increase the rider’s control of the scooter by stabilizing the steering over bumpy, uneven roads to make for a smoother, more confident ride.

Other bo safety features included on the M are a 200-lumen, 360-degree Light Halo on the scooter’s one-piece “monocurve” chassis to help with front and side visibility, as well as a high-powered headlight. All-aluminum construction makes for a durable and rigid scooter that’s still lightweight, even with its 3-foot wheelbase and wide handlebar.

Bo has asserted that the M is sturdy enough for everyday use and commuting, as opposed to the short-distance, recreational riding that e-scooters are often used for. That’s why their target audience right now is commuters in large metropolitan areas (London, in partiicular).

The M can go for about 31 miles on a single charge, and charges from 0-full in just a few hours. More than enough, in other words, to cover quite the commute!

The pneumatic tires are tubeless, which bo says helps to increase grip, boosts riding comfort, and lowers the risk of punctures. More comfort features include the airdeck, which is designed to reduce road vibrations and allows the M to have a simple suspension system.

To help commuters still be able to carry around their items, the M also has two load hooks where riders can hang their bags. More city-friendly features include the GPS tracking, loud anti-tamper alarms, motor locking, and a cell phone notification system to make sure no one absconds with your fancy scooter.
All of this comes from the minds of bo’s founders, who come from a background with Williams Advanced Engineering and Formula 1. This means that they want to embrace the ideas of constant innovation and imaginative design.

One potential drawback of the bo M is the fact that the rigid, monocurve chassis doesn’t fold, making it harder to store in small spaces than other e-scooters. The company made this decision, they say, because the traditional “fold” on a typical e-scooter “represent[s] a point of weakness, so that directed us to this final design,” said bo CTO Harry Willis.

Co-founder and CEO Oscar Morgan adds, “It’s a bit of an F1 principle that we brought through with us: when you do have an attribute, you focus on making it great. The first problem people have in going from a car to a scooter is safety and stability. So our goal, above all else, was to make the M ride great, and make it really stable and comfortable.”

The bo M has an MSRP of $2,399, and anyone interested in these slick e-scooters can pre-order on (yes, there are shipping options for US buyers). Pre-orders are expected to ship next spring.


bo M Scooter vs. Central London




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