Chinese NIO ET7 is Ready to Conquer European Market

NIO ET7 is Headed to Europe

NIO ET7 Electric Sedan To Launch In Germany Later This Year

Chinese electric carmaker NIO is making good on its promise to expand into Europe, with several NIO ET7 sedans already spotted in Germany!

The first batch of the NIO ET7 should officially launch in Germany in the fourth quarter of this year, and then after that it should arrive in Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands. Back in September 2021, the ES8 launched in the Norwegian market, but mostly NIO has been making waves for its battery swapping tech
The NIO ET7 is the fourth NIO production car, with an exterior design that’s focused on making autonomous driving easier through sensing units on the roof – as well as on great aerodynamics, with its drag coefficient of 0.208, which sharp-eyed readers will notice is better than the “Most Aerodynamic” Tesla Model 3 at 0.21.

The ET7 sedan has a power train consisting of two electric motors. The front motor has 180 kW, and the rear motor has 300 kW. The combined power output is 480 kW (652 HP) and 850 Nm. As for the interior, the biggest (literally) feature is a 10.2-inch digital instrument panel and a 12.8″touch screen with a NOMI digital assistant. The cabin is made with karuun, an innovative material made of renewable rattan from tropical rainforests, and the 7.1.4 immersive sound system gives a full musical experience with Dolby Atmos technology.

The ET7 had started deliveries within the Chinese market in March of this year, with delivery volume at around 10,000 units. The price ranges from about $66,649 to $77,999 – but if you’re wondering how the NIO will fare against the established European brands, we’ve got you covered there, too. Check out this video by vlogger, WheelsBoy, who went to China to drive the ET7 and Mercedes’ E350 eL back-to back.


NIO ET7 vs. Mercedes-Benz E350eL




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