Xiaomi Has Entered the EV Game, & They Ain't Playin'
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Xiaomi Has Entered the EV Game

SC-01 Is Chinese EV Roadster Backed By Xiaomi With 435 HP For 41,950 USD

Chinese cell-phone maker Xiamoi is entering the electric car market with a 435 HP nod to the classic Lancia Stratos supercar!

Some of the more vocal critics of Chinese cars will often call their designs “derivative,” and that may be a very valid criticism to level at the Xiaomi SC-01 … but if you’re going to copy something, you could do far worse than a classic, Bertone-designed Italian rally car like the Lancia Stratos.

Stratos influences are everywhere in the Chinese car’s design, from the sweeping, wraparound windshield and rising beltline to the shape of the upswept c-pillar behind the side windows to the kickup, Gurney-style spoiler and dowl round lights. Heck, if you put louvers over the flying buttresses at the rear, it might be close enough to a Stratos from the rear three quarter that you could convince a few “car normies” it was one (assuming any pf those car normies know what a Stratos is, anyway).

Check out these Lancia Stratos pictures, below, then let us know if you see the family resemblance between the two cars as strongly as we do … and, frankly, let us know if you think it was this car, not the BYD concept, that was spied here a few weeks ago!

From a technical standpoint, the Xiaomi SC-01 (for “sports car, number 1”) is a relatively conventional offering, using existing li-ion battery tech and a pair of rear-mounted electric motors good for a combined 435 HP. Range is said to be just over 300 miles, with now-standard fast charging getting the battery from 0-80% charge in around 20 minutes.

The best part, though, isn’t necessarily the Xiaomi’s good looks (opinion), decent range (it’s good), or outstanding price (it will start for less than $45,000 US). It’s the car’s low mass.

The SC-01 weighs in at a relatively featherweight 1300 kg., or about 2800 lbs. For those keeping score, that’s about the same weight as a Toyota GR86 coupe — but with twice the horsepower and a whole lot more torque. As such, this Xiaomi should be insane amounts of fun!

You can check out the launch video and render gallery, below, then let us know what you think of this lightweight electric supercar in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

435 HP Xiaomi SC-01 Concept


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