Fiat Grande Panda Electric Car Pays Homage to Iconic Design
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Fiat Grande Panda Electric Car Pays Homage to Iconic Design

Fiat Grande Panda Electric Car Pays Homage to Iconic Design
  • The Fiat Grande Panda features a retro-modern design that pays homage to the classic Panda 4×4.
  • EBuilt on the STLA Smart platform, the Grande Panda highlights sustainability and innovation in the electric vehicle market.
  • Fiat plans to introduce new electric vehicle models annually until 2027.

Celebrating 125 years of automotive excellence, Fiat introduces the latest vehicle to its lineup, the Fiat Grande Panda. This compact electric car, available in both electric and hybrid versions, is designed in Turin, Italy, and represents Fiat’s commitment to sustainability and global accessibility. The Grande Panda, with its stylish design measuring just under 4 meters (13 feet) in length, combines Italian craftsmanship with a contemporary urban look. It’s ideal for both families and city residents alike. The Grande Panda is Fiat’s first step into a fully electrified future using the STLA Smart platform. It’s designed with a timeless style that respects Fiat’s history while meeting modern transportation demands.


Olivier Francois, Fiat’s CEO and Stellantis Global CMO, highlights the brand’s forward-looking approach: “The best way to celebrate Fiat’s 125 years is to start writing the first pages of our future, starting with the new Grande Panda.” This stylish compact electric car captures Fiat’s commitment to creativity and making advanced technology accessible to all.

The Fiat Grande Panda stands out in the electric vehicle market with its retro-design, inspired by the iconic Panda 4×4. Despite being just 3.99 meters (13 feet) long, this car surprisingly has plenty of room inside to comfortably fit five passengers. With its unique exterior, Fiat combines strong lines and striking surfaces to show how they blend practicality with Italian style.

Fiat Grande Panda Electric Car Pays Homage to Iconic Design

In line with Fiat’s global strategy, the Grande Panda is built on the STLA Smart platform, ensuring versatility and efficiency across different regions, including Europe, Middle East, and Africa. This versatile platform shows Fiat’s strong commitment to satisfying a wide range of customer needs through sustainable solutions. As Francois explains, “With the Grande Panda, Fiat now begins its transition to global common platforms that cover all regions of the world.”

The electric Fiat Grande Panda compact car gets even more attractive with a stunning design that honors Fiat’s history while embracing futuristic elements. At the front, the Grande Panda features a distinctive grille design and opal cube headlights, reminiscent of the classic Fiat styling cues. The rear continues the homage with large wheel arches and a shiny black panel adorned with three-dimensional Panda letters, blending classic Fiat style with a modern flair.


The Grande Panda’s charm is all about its 17″ diamond-cut alloy wheels. They sport a stylish X design that perfectly matches its modern look. This careful attention to detail shows how Fiat combines classic elegance with innovation in every part of the car.

Fiat is deeply committed to sustainability, going beyond just design to improve performance. The Fiat Grande Panda provides a smooth driving experience thanks to its advanced electric propulsion system, delivering efficiency without sacrificing power.

Fiat Grande Panda Electric Car Pays Homage to Iconic Design

In the coming years, Fiat is excited to grow its range of electric vehicles beyond the Fiat 500e and 600 hybrid. They’ll introduce new models every year until 2027. Each one will continue Fiat’s tradition of innovation and focus on what customers really want, adapting to the changing needs of people worldwide. As Olivier Francois aptly puts it, “The Grande Panda is shaping the future now, providing customers all over the world with a unique car that expresses all its values through its distinctive design.”



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