AACF Moves to Aid Victims of Hurricane Ian
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AACF Moves to Aid Victims of Ian

The Automotive Aftermarket Charitable Foundation (AACF) is making preparations to aid aftermarket families affected by Hurricane Ian.

The Automotive Aftermarket Charitable Foundation (AACF) is mobilizing to help families affected by Hurricane Ian.

If the Fast and Furious franchise has taught us anything, it’s that the love of cars brings people together — and car people, especially, have a way of becoming each others’ second families (or, sometimes, only families —Ed.). As such, when a disaster like the one unfolding throughout the state of Florida strikes, the automotive family can find itself with plenty of members in desperate need.

“It is very early in the process,” explains said Automotive Aftermarket Charitable Foundation (AACF) President, Larry Magee, “but our intention is to explore every avenue to identify aftermarket families that need our help during this natural disaster.”

Like many of us, the people at the AACF are struggling to come to terms with the devastation they’re seeing on the news, and in images like the ones included, below. What they do know, however, is that they can help. “(We) don’t claim to be a disaster relief service,” offered Joel Ayres, Executive Director of AACF. “But we’ll do our best to identify and assist those industry families that have immediate and unmet needs, in keeping with our mission to support aftermarket families facing catastrophic circumstances.”

If you are, or know someone who works in the automotive or aftermarket industries who lost their car, home, or has immediate needs that the charity could help with, we encourage you to click here and reach out to the AACF, or click here to fill out the AACF’s natural disaster form. All correspondence is confidential.

Cars Damaged in Hurricane Ian


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