BMW Projects 400,000 EV Sales Next Year

BMW Projects 400,000 EV Sales

BMW CFO, Nickolas Peter, says he expects EV sales to reach 400,000 next year as demand surges and supply struggles ease.

Peter says it’s been a turbulent year for the German automaker, citing continued lockdowns in China and supply chain issues brought on by the war in Europe slowing things down. But, while demand in Germany and the UK slowed due to rising energy prices, demand for new EVs in countries France, Italy, and Spain continues to grow.

In all, BMW expects its plug-in sales to leap fully 70% year over year in 2023, aided in part by a combination of pent-up demand for electric vehicles and the strength of its new products — which includes the hot new i7, iX, and upcoming “Neue Klasse” cars built on a new platform that was specifically designed for electric vehicles.

Here in North America, BMW currently offers two “pure” BEVs, the BMW iX SUV and the sporty i4 sedan. The first-ever fully electric i7 series flagship sedan is expected to reach US customers early in 2023 — but you can get a sneak peek at the stunning new super-sedan by heading out to the Electrify Expo, coming to Miami in October and Austin, TX in November.

New “i” Electric BMW Models & Concepts


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