Serial 1 Launches 2nd Gen, Cloud-connected E-bikes


Serial 1 Launches 2nd Gen E-bikes

Serial 1 Mosh Blue

The Harley-backed e-bike brand has co-developed its new, 2nd-gen e-bikes with Google Cloud, putting connectivity features front and center.

The new, Google-connected e-bikes get a lot of new features that, in addition to providing added security measures and turn-by-turn navigation, work to, “capture essential ride data, significantly improve security and safety, and make it easier than ever before to enjoy every ride.”

“We are thrilled that Google Cloud has selected (us) as an eMobility partner,” said Aaron Frank, Brand Director at Serial 1. “This means that (we) 1 will integrate Google Cloud’s new Intelligent Product Essentials software solution into its eBikes, enabling predictive, proactive, and intelligent features that provide a better eBicycle experience for every rider.”

“It’s exciting to see how Serial 1 is enhancing transportation experiences with data and analytics,” added Matthias Breunig, Director, Global Automotive Solutions, Google Cloud. “We’re pleased to bring Google Cloud’s Intelligent Product Essentials solution to riders and help provide eBike experiences that are safe and personalized to each interaction.”

In addition to its IOT cloud features, the new bikes also get an integrated USB-C charging cable located beneath the handlebar stem for powering a mobile phone to run the new Serial 1 app. And, of course, a snazzy metallic blue paint job (shown).

You can check out some detail pictures of the redesigned MOSH/CTY, below, then let us know what you think of the new Harley-powered e-bike in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


2nd Gen. Serial 1 MOSH/CTY







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