Pininfarina Drops H-fueled SUV


Pininfarina Drops H-fueled SUV

At the rate that EV demand is rising, we won’t have enough lithium to fuel the EV revolution – that’s why Hydrogen still matters!

Sure, we could look again at hydrogen as an option like we did a decade ago, but the idea never really caught on and as a result there are currently so few fueling stations that let you refill your hydrogen tank.

Italian car design firm Pininfarina and Afro-European brand NamX are trying to address both of those concerns by designing a “hydrogen utility vehicle” that they’re hoping will hit the road by 2026. It will be fueled by removable hydrogen cartridges that NamX can send to your home. A full cartridge would hold enough hydrogen to give you about 93 miles of driving range, and this HUV holds six, for a total of about 550 miles.


NamX H Canister is Easily Replaceable

Image courtesy NamX.

Already, this seems like an intriguing idea. Until we get more hydrogen fueling stations up and running, then being able to carry some spare hydrogen cartridges on a long trip would be just like taking along a spare gas can to get you through long stretches without being able to fuel up.

An extra-neat aspect of this design from Pininfarina is that the hydrogen cartridges are an actual design highlight, sliding into green neon-lit slots behind a transparent cover just above the rear bumper. 

When it comes to performance, these HUVs won’t be slouches. The base model will have a rear-wheel powertrain that can crank out 300 hp and have a limited top speed of 124 mph. The GTH trim would get all-wheel drive, with 500 hp and a 155 mph top speed.

NamX is already taking pre-orders, and the base model will start at $68,200 while the GTH will cost closer to $99,600. Obviously, with a target date of 2026, you’ll be waiting a while before you get yours delivered.


Pininfarina-designed NamX Concept


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