Zero Motorcycles Goes Adventure Touring

Zero Goes Adventure Touring

Zero goes on the road to adventure with DSR/X electric motorcycle

The all-new Zero DSR/X electric motorcycle offers whisper quiet adventure riding and up to 180 miles of range.

The new big-mile off-roader from Zero is built around the company’s new Z-Force 75-10X direct-drive motor that’s reportedly putting a very healthy 166 lb-ft of torque to the rear tire. That’s enough to get the bike up to its electronically governed top speed of 112 MPH quicker than you think, with all the low-maintenance benefits that a no-oil electric motor and Gates Carbon Belt Drive can offer when there’s no and no clutch or gear changes to factor in.

“Our owners and advocates have been asking for a full-sized ADV bike from Zero for years,” said Zero Motorcycle’s CTO, Abe Azkenazi. “We invested over 100,000 engineering hours into designing a motorcycle that lives up to both our customers’ expectations and Zero’s mission to redefine the riding experience.”

That engineering seems to have paid off, with a design that the company claims has been optimized for “maximum strength, minimal weight, and maximum capability.” It comes in at a relatively lightweight 544 lbs. (compared to about 520 lbs. for a top-shelf, gussied-up Honda Africa 1100 Twin), offers five riding modes, and up to 180 miles of “city” riding, with 85 miles of highway range (adding up to about 115 miles on the EPA’s combined cycle).

The standard battery is a 17.3-kWh Li-ion power pack, but there is an option to sacrifice some of the “glove box” storage space to add a Zero Power Tank (basically a small, second battery) takes ups capacity to about 21 kWh. Level 1 and Level 2 charging are supported, of course, but the Zero also gets plus 6.6-kW “fast-charging” for 0-90% capacity in under an hour.





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