Dongfeng Shows Off a Chinese Hummer Clone


Dongfeng Shows a Chinese Hummer

Chinese Hummer EV Knock-Off Has Four Electric Motors And Its Own Crabwalk

Listen, when you have the rights to make a military vehicle based on the original Humvee, you get to build a Hummer clone, okay?

Dongfeng recently released the first teaser video of its upcoming Mengshi M-Terrain EV. As a sub-brand of Dongfeng, Mengshi builds hardcore off-roaders like the M50 Fearless. And yes, the M-Terrain EV looks like a copy of the H1 Hummer, but it can’t technically be a knockoff, since Dongfeng acquired the rights back in 2004 to build a Chinese military vehicle based on the original Humvee.

So– suck on that, haters!

Similar to the GMC Hummer EV Pickup, the M-Terrain uses a standard skateboard design with the batteries located low to keep the center of gravity low as well. After that, the M-Terrain pulls away with its own specs, like a quad-motor setup that produces 1,073 HP and gives each wheel its own independent power source. And that most likely will make it easier for the M-Terrain to crab-walk (effectively drive sideways, like a crab), which is a new feature pioneered by GMC that a lot of carmakers (like Mengshi) are trying to replicate.

While, yes, the Mengshi M-Terrain EV is still technically “just a concept vehicle,” Dongfeng has promised that it will go into series production in 2023, with customer deliveries set to start in 2024.


Dongfeng Mengshi M-Terrain EV | Chinese Hummer


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