2024 Toyota bZ3 Sedan Spied, Undisguised, in China

Toyota bZ3 Sedan Spied in China

Report: BYD-Powered Toyota bZ3 Electric Sedan Emerges In China

We knew it was coming, but the all-electric, Corolla/Prius-sized Toyota bZ3 sedan has been spotted, virtually undisguised!

The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently released some information about the upcoming bZ3, including some basic specs and photos.

The sedan will be powered by BYD electric motors and batteries – we assume that it’ll have the BYD Blade battery system, but the MIIT didn’t provide any capacity or range figures. Meanwhile, the exterior of the bZ3 looks a lot like the Toyota bZ SDN concept

We don’t have a ton of info on this – for instance, we don’t know if the bZ3 will even be available outside of China. We do know that its exterior dimensions are similar to the Tesla Model 3, so it might be considered a competitor within that segment. 

The bZ3 is only the second battery electric vehicle from Toyota, even though it was the brand that pioneered hybrid vehicles like the Prius with amazing success. The brand may have just been cautious about breaking into the fully electrified market, and its first battery electric car, the bZ4X, did have a wheel bolt issue that forced a recall back in June.


2024 Toyota bZ3 Electric Sedan




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