VinFast is Getting Serious About the US, European Markets
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VinFast Gets Serious About US

VinFast to manufacture and sell its Vespa-style electric scooters in the US

Vietnamese carmaker, VinFast, is making big moves. The company is expanding its factories and adding scooters to its portfolio.

Thanks to a $1.2 billion incentive package from North Carolina, VinFast is now rapidly expanding its operations in Europe and the US For American consumers, these Vespa-style scooters will be built at VinFast’s upcoming North Carolina facility, where it will also be building its four-wheeled EVs.

The new, North Carolina car factory is expected to break ground later this year, with plans to start manufacturing vehicles in 2024.


But Wait, There’s More

VinFast scooter factory in Vietnam; by Kyle Field, via CleanTechnica.

VinFast currently makes different models of electric scooters – some designed for city use with 45 km/h (27.9 mph) speed limits, while others can go up to 99 km/h (61.5 mph). We don’t currently know yet which models VinFast will be making stateside.

VinFast will be competing against only a few other manufacturers that are currently making electric Vespa-style scooters available in the US. Beijing-based NIU is probably the biggest seller of electric scooters in the US, currently (and certainly the biggest, globally). Meanwhile, BMW has brought its CE04 electric scooter to the States as well. Other makers of note include CSC, which released its Monterey and Wiz scooters in the US in 2019, and our friends at Aventura X.

You can check out VinFast’s electric scooters on the move in this video, below, taken by Kyle Field at the company’s Vinpear Nha Trang facility in Vietnam. Then, let us know what you think of these quiet two-wheelers in the comments.


Riding VinFast Electric Scooters in Vietnam




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