It's Here: First Ever Electric Rolls-Royce
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It’s Here: First Ever Electric Rolls-Royce


It’s been a long time coming, but the new electric Rolls-Royce brings the smooth, quiet powerplant ever put into a Roller!

It feels like we’ve been writing about a pure electric Rolls-Royce since the dawn of the modern age of EVs, circa 2008/09. Back then, we talked about the smoothness and silence of electric motors being a perfect fit for the ultimate luxury car brand, so to see this car — the first ever production BEV Rolls — is more than a bit surreal.

It seems that the company feels that way, too. We say that because they’re calling this new car the Silver Spectre. It’s a haunted car, really — if you could ever call a Rolls-Royce something so vulgar as a “car.”

This isn’t a car, then. It’s something special. Indeed, the Spectre is something new, even if it carries with it the spirit of the old Silver Ghost with it. “This is the start of a bold new chapter for our marque, our extraordinary clients and the luxury industry” says Torsten Müller-Ötvös, the over-Germanicly named CEO of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. “For this reason, I believe Spectre is the most perfect product that Rolls-Royce has ever produced.”

Perfect might be a bit of a stretch for scholars of the marque — but even the most ardent of Henry Royce’s admirers will admit that this new EV is one of the most luxurious car ever built. Just look at that “Starlight” headliner …

Rolls-Royce Spectre “Starlight” Doors + Headliner

Images courtesy Rolls-Royce.

… for the first time on a series production Rolls-Royce, Spectre is available with Starlight Doors, which the company says incorporate 4,796 softly illuminated LED “stars” against a backdrop of wood Canadel Panelling, which takes its name from the cove in the South of France where Sir Henry Royce and his design team spent their winters. The fascia and headliner, too, have thousands of individual stars worked into them. The effect is ethereal.

There’s more going in the new Rolls than opulence for opulence’s sake, though. Parent company BMW has stuffed the Spectre with all of its latest high-tech gizmos. “With Spectre, Rolls-Royce has harnessed a revolutionary ‘Decentralised Intelligence’ system that allows for the free and direct exchange of information between more than 1,000 vehicle functions,” reads the official press release. “(Further) elevating the marque’s celebrated quality of ride. Its designers have captured a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic that significantly progresses the brand’s iconography as it embarks on its electric age. Its craftspeople have created a suite of contemporary prêt-à-porter personalization possibilities, including Starlight Doors and Illuminated Fascia, inspiring clients to realize their own Bespoke visions.”

Other intelligent features involve a road-mapping active suspension system that reads the road ahead and adapts itself for maximum interior leveling and comfort. It’s conceptually similar to the active suspension in the all-conquering Williams FW14B Formula 1 car that dominated the 1992 season — but, you know, digital.

Rolls-Royce doesn’t trumpet anything as trivial as horsepower or torque figures, of course (that kind of thing is for the poors), but suffice it to say that there’s enough power on tap to launch the battleship-bodied Spectre from 0-60 MPH in just over 4 seconds.

You can check out the Spectre for yourself in this huge photo gallery, below, then let us know what you think of this plush cruiser in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


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16 Responses

    1. I mean, I’m not Rolls-Royce (this is a news site, not the century-old manufacturer of exotic cars and airplane engines that helped win WWII), but: sure. Why not? 🙂

    1. You do a lot of family road trips in your Rolls-Royce? I can’t imagine a *less* critical point, but it’s 260 miles.

  1. Incredible. Seems very fitting as part of the RR journey. I loved my Silver Cloud, the last iconic design, in my opinion. But this looks great. Well done.

  2. As usual with just about EVERY battery car there’s absolutely no mention of how far it will travel before it dies-& how long you have to sit (albeit in comfy seats) before you can complete your journey.
    Maybe it’ll have gone dark and the windows will math the roof and doors and it’ll be almost like being topless….

    1. Wherever there’s a story about rich people and their staggering automobiles, there will be someone chiming in about practical concerns. Let me guess: your Timex keeps time just as well as a Rolex, right?

    2. Or just recharge it before it runs out? Do you often run a petrol car to empty?

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