Honda Prologue EV SUV Makes Its Debut
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Honda Prologue EV SUV Makes Its Debut

As part of its electrification plan, the Honda Prologue EV SUV marks Honda’s first serious foray into electric vehicles in the U.S.

The Honda Prologue has been much talked about, yet so much of it remains a mystery as Honda continues to be tight-lipped about the SUV, which it co-developed with GM. The Prologue even rides on GM’s Ultium EV platform – so while it wears the Honda name, it shares a lot of tech with the General. The Prologue shares similar proportions with the mid-size Passport SUV, and slots above the CR-V in the current lineup.

While the Prologue isn’t technically the first EV offered by Honda in the U.S. (RIP Clarity Electric) it is the first one that will be available to buy, rather than just lease, in dealers across the country. Honda went hard into the “neo-rugged” design language, though so far we remain in the dark about important data such as range, charging time, or price. Really, anything tantalizing at all. 

It is, however, interesting that this far into the electrification of vehicles, Honda has had to lean on General Motors for the actual EV tech – specifically the Ultium battery packs that power the Chevy Blazer EV. While certainly a different vehicle, it would *appear* that the Prologue and Blazer share a lot in common – including the same 121.8 inch wheelbase. Assuming it is indeed the same platform, we can expect a $45,000 starting price, and range of between 240 and 320 miles depending on the model. That puts it solidly in Tesla Model Y territory – and acceleration of the Prologue should be great too, with the Blazer EV clocking in around 4-seconds to reach 60 MPH. 

But while the Prologue might have GM underpinnings, by 2026 Honda plans to start sales of its own electric vehicle platform in North America called e:Architecture. Additionally, a new agreement with LG  Energy Solution will have honda making its own electric batteries in the U.S. For a late-comer to the EV market, Honda is doing everything it can to catch up. 


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