BYD to Deliver 120 Electric Semis in '22
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BYD to Deliver 120 Electric Semis in ’22

photo of byd element enel x and tm marva employees holding a sign

Tesla isn’t the only one delivering electric semi trucks in 2022, with BYD announcing it will deliver 120 of its Q3MA semis by year’s end. 

In fact, BYD has already delivered the first 5 of these big electric trucks – and they didn’t go to some big flashy company like Pepsi (which is where the first Tesla semis are going). Rather, they were delivered to Marva, a transportation company based in Mexico. BYD, a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, has been attempting to gain a foothold in North America for some time now, but still does not have a big presence in the U.S. 

The Q3MA could change that, however. Clocking in at 12 tons and with a total traction mass of 35 tons, the BYD electric truck can pull its own weight and then some.  The Q3MA can go up to 230km/142 miles on a single charge, and the first five have already been delivered to Marva – giving BYD a headstart in the electric semi-race. 

While not intended for long-haul overland trucking like the Tesla Semi, it IS well suited to short and medium-distance hauling, as well as localized work in industrial parks and seaports.

“This pure electric semitrailer tractor fleet will help to reduce carbon emissions around 33,000 tons per year, creating a cleaner and more environmentally friendly transportation industry,” says Miguel Ángel Martínez, CEO of Marva. “We are ready to continue our cooperation with the world’s leading NEV manufacturer BYD and move forward along the green road together.”


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