Honda Promises 10 New Electric Motorcycles by 2025
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Honda Promises 10 New Electric Motorcycles by 2025

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Honda is going all in on electric motorcycles, announcing plans for 10 new motorcycles for global markets.

Earlier this month, Honda announced its plans for a carbon-neutral future and to introduce 10 (or more) electric motorcycles by the year 2025. This would include three mid-range models and a youth model for the North American market.

During a press briefing, Managing Officer Yoshishige Nomura and Director and Executive Vice President and Representative Executive Officer Kohei Takeuchi discussed the brand’s plans for carbon neutrality by 2040 via the wider implementation of electric mobility and cleaner combustion engines.

The 10 electric motos that Honda wants to release by 2025 include a mix of scooters (which Honda calls “Commuter EVs”), mopeds, bicycles, and “large-size” motorcycles (dubbed “Fun EVs”). Honda has already been pushing out its Commuter EVs in Asia, with the Benly e: and Gyro e: series business-use models being used for mail delivery in Japan and Vietnam, with trials underway in Thailand now as well.

Honda is also working on swappable battery infrastructure to help mitigate long EV charging times, though the company has said it’s open to more alternatives as technologies continue to advance. Honda hopes that eventually, it can equip its electric motorcycles with all-solid-state batteries, which would offer higher energy storage density, better reliability, and lower volatility.

The Fun EVs should come to the North American market in 2024 and 2025. While we don’t have any specifics on what they’ll be, they appear like they could be a cruiser, a standard, and a maxi-scooter. The fourth Fun EV would be a smaller youth model.

Honda has said that it will continue to work on reducing carbon dioxide emissions from gas-powered motorcycles while also expanding motos that can run on gasoline-ethanol blends and e-fuels.


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7 Responses

    1. Interested but why not do what Harley is doing? Instead of swapping batteries 🔋

      P.S. I own a Honda now!

      1. Harley is building a bike with a 90 minute riding range that takes 90-ish minutes to top up. Great bike, but not anything like a tourer.

  1. The world market needs to move to the swappable batteries idea. That way we can exchange at fuel stations just as we fill up with fossil fuel

    1. China and Europe are already there. Tesla had a swappable system in place 7 or 8 years ago, but ditched it so they could re-sell you a new car every few years instead of “just” a new battery.

  2. If the expected release is 2025 and scheduled for North America when can we expect to see anything in the UK. As an owner of honda bike I am disapointed that this date is planned. Many smaller companies already offer online electric motorcycle options so I find it disapointing Honda are lagging behind.

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