Hymer Venture S Solar-powered Sprinter RV
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Hymer Venture S Solar-powered RV

solar-powered ‘hymer venture S’ is a luxurious motorhome with mercedes-benz chassis

The Hymer Venture S is a luxurious, Sprinter-based camper that’s ready for market after years of development.

The camper began as a concept (above) from the German caravan manufacturer, Hymer, who based the van on a luxury residential interior Sprinter trim usually reserved for urban buyers. It’s a two-person off-road van with all-wheel drive and studded tires featuring a narrow body that results in increased maneuverability, and to make up for the decreased space there, the camper features what Hymer calls “Instant Loft,” where the top pops up to reveal a fairly spacious sleeping area accessible by the integrated stairway. 

“Instant Loft”

The idea of hybrid working was also addressed during the development of the Hymer Venture S, and the included workplace features an integrated desk behind the passenger seat and right under the skylight. The passenger seat swivels around allowing for a pretty efficient, comfortable workspace. This workspace benefits from the Venture S’s power system, made up of three 115-watt solar panels on the roof, six 230V sockets, eight USB ports, and the Hymer Smart battery system 2.0 with 320 Ah lithium batteries.

Also included in the Venture S is a fairly large living space with a focus on daily living and comfort. Hymer included hotel lounge-like benches, an adjustable and a solid bamboo table that can be folded up and stored under the bench seating. Also in the living space is a sun deck area with a rear flap that can be opened up for a clear view of the surroundings. This rear area includes an “Infinity Screen” which offers 180-degree panoramic views. 

The Venture S includes a kitchenette with tons of features intended to make this space as efficient and easy to use as possible. The wall in the kitchen is multifunctional, and allows users to customize the storage space with shelves, hooks, or containers. Extending the work surface is a drawer with storage for a chopping board, with other storage solutions included. 

With the current rise of van life, there’s plenty of inspiration to draw from to design a new motorhome, with an actual sense of what features people want. That’s exactly what Hymer did with the Venture S. Christian Bauer, the President of Hymer GmbH & Co. KG says, “The result is a completely new category of motorhome which we are now launching on the market — driven by the outstanding feedback on our concept vehicle and supported by the expertise of our company – after only a short development phase.” The Hymer Venture S is available to order and customize to campers’ specific needs.




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