PairTree EV Charger Provides Off-Grid Shade, Power

PairTree Chargers Provides Off-Grid Power

This modular off-grid solar EV charger can be installed in just four hours

Charging your EV at home or work is a huge benefit of e-mobility, and the new PairTree provides both shade and solar power for your EV.

Paired Power, from California, has already gotten some good press for its SEVO SunStation, which is a carport canopy that uses DC power to charge EVs using solar power. Now, Paired Power has launched the PairTree (get it?), which can be used with or without a connection to the larger power grid. With its modular design, it can be installed in just one day, which is allegedly 30 times faster than conventional solar canopies take to install – due in large part to it not needing a direct connection to the grid.

The PairTree apparently has no moving parts, so that makes it very low-maintenance. When you order one, you can also add AC charging stations for Level 2 charging as well as 120 V outlet panels to provide emergency or temporary power. But even without that connection, you can draw as much as 75 miles of sun-powered driving range

This also means that the PairTree can be easily installed at workplaces, retail locations, and more to offer easy and fast EV charging access. It could even be used as an emergency backup power solution or provide power for special events – as long as you have sunshine, you’ll have power.

Deliveries are set to begin in the second quarter of 2023.


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