Hacker-Craft Boats Get Ingenity Power
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Hacker-Craft Boats Get Ingenity Power

Ingenity Partners With Hacker-Craft to Provide Electric Drive Trains for the Iconic Brand.

Modern electric power meets traditional, wooden-boat luxury and timeless style in the latest Ingenity/Hacker-Craft hookup!

Ingenity Partners With Hacker-Craft to Provide Electric Drive Trains for the Iconic Brand.

Orlando, FL & Queensbury, NY — Ingenity Electric, an innovative electric boat company under the Correct Craft family of brands, has signed a multi-year Supply and Marketing Agreement to provide and install all-electric drivetrains in new Hacker-Craft Boats.

Two 100-year-old American companies, one building iconic mahogany speedboats, and the other supplying state-of-the-art electric drivetrains, collaborate to deliver “the future of luxury boating.”

The first Ingenity powered boat, a 27ft Special Sport will be introduced at the 2022 Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS), October 26-30, at the Hacker-Craft booth, #1008, at the Bahia Mar Yachting Center.  The boat will be powered by Ingenity’s integrated drive package with 126kWh of battery capacity and will have remote connectivity via the Osmosis telematics platform.  The system can recharge overnight at a residential dock or as quickly as 1.5 hours at a high-capacity DC Fast Charger at a marina or on a superyacht.

“I have admired Hacker-Craft’s products from afar for many years, and the Ingenity team is humbled to be part of this project,” said Sean Marrero, President of Ingenity.  “We stand on the shoulders of the giants who started these companies a century ago.  Now it is our turn to lay the foundation for an exciting future for our companies and customers.”

“It’s clear the environmental concerns are driving the entire boating industry towards electric propulsion.” Said George Badcock, CEO of Hacker Boat Company. “Electric propulsion enables owners to go boating in accordance with their values while preparing them for the new electric reality, whether for lake boating, coastal cruising, or aboard superyachts. “We’ve already seen an increasing number of inquiries about electric and hybrid propulsion. The partnership between Hacker Boat Company and Ingenity Electric has come together at the perfect moment.”

The 27ft Sport will complement the current Ingenity powered lineup, including the award-winning Nautique GS22E watersports towboat and the Ingenity 23E Dayboat.

Electric propulsion is the most important trend in the boating industry, primarily due to its dovetailing with the environmental movement. Allied Market Research reports that “the global electric boat market was valued at $5.0 billion in 2021, and it is projected to reach $16.6 billion by 2031.” Boat International magazine has stated that for the yachting market, “if you look at the direction of travel in automotive and now smaller boats, it is indisputable: electric yachting is on the way.”

Electric powered boats have zero emissions. Additionally, such boats are virtually silent and highly efficient. They require less maintenance than gasoline or diesel-powered boats. The Ingenity powered Hacker-Craft 27’ Special Sport will be able to attain speeds up to 30 knots.

Classic, Hacker-Craft Style

Image via VUE New Jersey https://vuenj.com/hacker-craft-boat-company-solitude-on-the-sea/


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