Igenity Capt. Todd Simms on Electrify News LIVE in Miami
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Igenity on Electrify News LIVE in Miami

Ingenity Nautique electric boat

Recreational boating just got quieter, cleaner, and a whole lot faster— thanks to the power of electric motors and one BIG Ingenity battery!

The arrival of battery electric power in the world of watersports has enabled water skiers, wake boarders, and tubers to really enjoy their sports without the noise and exhaust fumes that powerful towboats have become known for. And, while the all-electric Ingenity 23e has been the one making waves (sorry) recently


Ingenity 23e Electric Boat

Image courtesy Ingenity.

… it’s not the only electric boat out there. So, with summer coming up, we thought we’d revisit an old friend, the Super Air Nautique GS22e that we had a chance to get up close and personal with at Electrify Expo Miami last October.

That sporty electric boat packs a massive, 125 kWh Ingenity battery pack— significantly bigger than the 99 kWh (95 usable) battery pack found in the Tesla Model S Plaid


Ingenity 125 kWh Battery

Photo by the Author.

… and, at a show filled with Porsche Taycans, Mercedes EQEs, Kia EV6 GTs, and more, being able to claim “biggest battery” gives some pretty solid bragging rights — but there’s more to the boat than just a big battery.

The GS22e has a slalom mode for maximum maneuverability while leaving the smallest possible wake behind. As a tow boat, it can take on water ballast in left and right-side tanks to increase the size of the wake, and tanks and the trim tabs on the bottom of the transom can be configured using from the digital controls in the cockpit. This is used to control the size of the wake, crafting its shape until it’s perfect for wake boarding, skiing, or whatever other kind of extreme watersports you’re up for that day.


Nautique Cockpit Layout

Image by the author.

Other fun details include the way the non-slip deck material is cut to look like quilted leather on higher surfaces, while the underfoot surfaces are cut to resemble traditional wooden floorboards. That’s a high-end touch you don’t see from less expensive boats — and there are lots of those. The Super Air Nautique GS22e starts at $299,711 (US), but it’s worth noting that this is about right for a boat like this, ICE or BEV. Indeed, other Correct Craft gas-powered watersport/tow boat models sell for that price or more, depending on how they’re optioned up.

We got the chance to both get experience a Super Air and interview Captain Todd Simms, the company’s Director of Sales for the Americas live in Miami, where Chris Demorro and Jo Borrás talked big batteries, changing regulations, and the benefits that instant-torque electric motors offer to water sports enthusiasts in this episode of the Electrify News podcast. Check it out with the Spotify player, below, then scroll on down to the comments section and let us know what you think of these next-gen electric boats— and what you’d tow yours with if you got one!


LIVE from MIAMI: Bringing EVs to the World of Watersports





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