Go 'E-camping' at Hotel Hyundai!

Go ‘E-camping’ at Hotel Hyundai!

Hyundai Ioniq 5 Goes Glamping In The UK

Curated by British food critic and Masterchef Grace Dent, Hotel Hyundai is an EV-powered outdoor vacation!

On the surface, Hotel Hyundai is an EV-powered getaway inspired by market research showing that people in the UK are looking for sustainable travel options that are both affordable and eco-friendly – but, for Hyundai, it’s much more.

The campground is a showcase for the Hyundai IONIQ 5’s built-in ability to use its 72.6 kWh battery as an energy storage system that can power just about anything that runs on electrons, from TVs and laptops to microwaves and stovetops. And, here at Hotel Hyundai, the cars do just that!

The hotel is made up of three key areas. The main guest suites, a restaurant & bar, and an outdoor movie theater. Each suite gets its own Hyundai IONIQ 5 to plug into for power – a situation that highlights the EV’s battery capacity and its V2x capabilities. From the company’s official press release:

  • Each of the guest suites has its IONIQ 5 that powers everything from the lights to the appliances.
  • The restaurant/bar area gets its own Hyundai, and continues the sustainability theme with a locally-grown food and drinks menu;  even the espresso machine is powered by the IONIQ 5!
  • The movie area gets a film projector, outdoor speakers, and a popcorn machine all powered by the IONIQ 5, thanks to its V2x capability.

As the recent news from GM Energy highlights, more EVs are coming equipped with V2x capabilities that allow EVs to act as rolling generators when there’s no power from the grid itself. Hyundai seems to be hoping that, by using this capability to showcase how its IONIQ 5 EV can power a vacation rental, it can help dispel some of the myths surrounding EVs’ supposed “strain” on the grid.

An Outdoor Vacation, Powered by IONIQ 5


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