Streamlining EV Home Charging: WeaveGrid and Southern Company's Sustainable Initiative in Alabama and Georgia
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Streamlining EV Home Charging: WeaveGrid and Southern Company’s Sustainable Initiative in Alabama and Georgia

Streamlining EV Home Charging WeaveGrid and Southern Company Sustainable Initiative in Alabama and Georgia
  • WeaveGrid and Southern Company’s collaboration introduces a program to simplify EV home charging in Alabama and Georgia.
  • The initiative offers incentives, cost visibility, and optimization features for EV charging, enhancing grid benefits and reducing costs for participants.
  • Southern Company views the partnership as a pivotal step towards a sustainable energy future.

WeaveGrid, a leading software company dedicated to advancing electric vehicle (EV) adoption, has joined forces with Southern Company subsidiary Alabama Power to introduce an innovative program tailored for EV owners within Alabama Power’s service footprint. Simultaneously, the company is collaborating with Georgia Power to pilot a similar initiative for EV enthusiasts in Georgia.


The initiative sets out to make charging your EV at home easier while also helping to keep the power grid running smoothly. With WeaveGrid’s advanced EV managed charging platform, customers can enjoy a range of perks tailored to simplify charging, save money, and play a part in building a greener tomorrow.

Apoorv Bhargava, CEO of WeaveGrid, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to be working with Southern Company to launch our EV program in Alabama and to pilot that program in Georgia. The program is designed to help Southern Company accelerate EV adoption in the Southeast. It exemplifies our commitment to making EV ownership effortless and rewarding, and we believe it will serve as a model for similar initiatives across the country.”

Under this program, EV owners will enjoy a range of incentives and perks, including up to $100 in incentives, personalized dashboard visibility into EV home charging costs, and optimization features that automatically charge vehicles during off-peak periods to minimize costs and maximize grid benefits.


Hank Adams, Southern Company’s Senior Vice President of Customer Solutions, praised the partnership, stating, “Southern Company is proud to collaborate with WeaveGrid on this very innovative value-added program. The WeaveGrid EV program aligns perfectly with our vision of a clean energy future and demonstrates our commitment to providing customers with the tools and resources they need to embrace sustainable transportation options.”

The collaboration between WeaveGrid and Southern Company highlights their joint dedication to innovation, sustainability, and putting customers first. By using advanced technology and forming strategic alliances, both companies are ready to drive significant progress towards a more environmentally friendly and reliable energy future.

In addition to benefits for consumers, utilities such as Georgia Power and Alabama Power are eager to use the knowledge gained from these initiatives to improve grid flexibility, reliability, and further support the ongoing growth of EVs. This forward-thinking approach reflects a broader industry shift towards embracing clean energy solutions and fostering greater collaboration between utility providers, technology innovators, and consumers.



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