WeaveGrid and Toyota Collaborate to Optimize EV Charging for the Grid
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WeaveGrid and Toyota Collaborate to Optimize EV Charging for the Grid

WeaveGrid connects vehicles, chargers, and electric providers for efficiency
  • WeaveGrid announced a partnership with Toyota to implement direct integration for Toyota and Lexus BEVs and PHEVs.
  • This strategic integration heralds a new era of eco-conscious and economically savvy vehicle management, and it promotes EV adoption.
  • Toyota BEV and PHEV owners who enroll in WeaveGrid programs with participating utilities are eligible to earn direct incentives from their electric utility company.

WeaveGrid, a pioneering software company, is at the forefront of accelerating EV integration into the electric grid through its managed charging platform. In a groundbreaking move, WeaveGrid has announced a partnership with Toyota Motor North America to implement direct integration for Toyota and Lexus BEVs (battery electric vehicles) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs).


This collaboration, now active in select utility territories across the United States and set to expand, showcases significant advancements for BEV and PHEV owners as well as the electric grid.

How WeaveGrid Integration Can Help EV Drivers

By facilitating more efficient charging practices, vehicle owners can enjoy cost savings while simultaneously contributing to the development of a cleaner and more resilient electric grid. The initiative capitalizes on WeaveGrid’s sophisticated software, harmonizing with the telematics systems of specific Toyota and Lexus vehicles. This would offer actionable EV load management capability to electric utilities across the nation.

This strategic integration empowers drivers with the choice to engage in optimized charging schedules, personalized insights for better driving and charging decisions, and opportunities for reduced home charging expenses, heralding a new era of eco-conscious and economically savvy vehicle management.

Benefits Across Multiple States

Toyota BEV and Toyota PHEV owners who choose to participate in WeaveGrid-powered programs with partnering utilities stand to gain direct incentives and enhanced benefits, further incentivizing eco-friendly and cost-effective vehicle use. For example, customers of Xcel Energy who are enrolled in the “Optimize Your Charge” program in Colorado, Minnesota, and New Mexico are eligible for a $50 annual bill credit. This is in addition to the everyday savings they can accrue from charging their vehicles during off-peak hours, which offer lower rates.

Similarly, Baltimore Gas & Electric customers in Maryland who participate in the EVsmart program enjoy access to discounted charging rates. This can lead to an approximate annual saving of $150. Beyond these immediate financial benefits, all enrolled participants across these utility programs are provided with a personalized dashboard. This dashboard offers tailored insights about their charging habits and practical suggestions on how to maximize savings on charging expenses over time, encouraging smarter energy use and contributing to broader sustainability goals.



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