Driving Change: EV Connect, Flash, and Qmerit Forge New Path in EV Charging
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Driving Change: EV Connect, Flash, and Qmerit Forge New Path in EV Charging

EV Connect Flash and Qmerit Forge New Path in EV Charging
  • EV Connect, Flash, and Qmerit unite to improve EV charging accessibility.
  • Commercial sector needs more private chargers for EV infrastructure.
  • Partnership integrates parking network for seamless charging.

In a pivotal move toward sustainable transportation, industry leaders EV Connect, Flash, and Qmerit have agreed to a partnership aimed at electric vehicle (EV) charging. As EV adoption accelerates, the need for a reliable and widespread charging infrastructure has become more urgent than ever. This collaboration seeks to tackle this demand by combining advanced technology and services, laying the groundwork for a smooth and dependable charging journey.


“Facilities with private parking, from retail and hospitality to events and community venues, are a key part of the solution, and must be prepared to meet EV driver expectations,” highlighted Dan Sharplin, CEO at Flash.

The heart of the issue lies in the disparity between the surging demand for EVs and the pace of infrastructure development. According to a report by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the United States will require over 1.2 million public chargers by 2030 to support the growing EV fleet. However, the commercial sector, including retail outlets, hotels, and event spaces, will shoulder the bulk of this responsibility, necessitating a twenty-fold increase in private chargers.

“Our state-of-the-art EV charging technology is a key component to driving this partnership forward, representing a significant leap with unmatched reliability, performance and uptime through our Network Operations Center and round-the-clock customer support,” mentioned Daniel Bryant, VP of Customer Operations for EV Connect.


The collaboration between EV Connect, Flash, and Qmerit promises to bridge this gap by offering a seamless parking and charging experience for drivers while simplifying management for asset owners and operators. Through Flash’s innovative cloud-based parking technology ecosystem and EV Connect’s leading software platform, drivers gain access to a vast network of charging stations with unparalleled ease.

EV Connect EV charging app supports additional languages - iPhone

“We’re excited to bring our top-tier implementation and maintenance services to this partnership, laying the foundation for a robust and efficient charging network,” encouraged Tracy Price, founder and CEO of Qmerit.

Flash Parking App EV Charging

By integrating Flash’s digital demand network with EV Connect’s management platform and Qmerit’s installation and maintenance services, the alliance sets the stage for a new era in EV charging.

As Tracy Price elaborated, “With a 26% increase in publicly available EV chargers and a 59% surge in EV sales in the first three quarters of 2023, our partnership aims to expand reservable infrastructure, catering to the rising demand for combined parking and charging solutions.”



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