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Fiido D11 Folding Electric Bike
Experience seamless EV charging with FLO & GM’s Plug and Charge! No apps, no cards – just plug in and charge effortlessly.
$100M+ public funding boosts 500+ new fast chargers on West Coast, powered by EVCS charging and renewable energy.
Survey findings highlight EV charging behavior, showing 60% prefer fast chargers for road trips, with active engagement while charging.
Enjoy a year of complimentary nationwide EVgo charging with your new Toyota bZ4X, enhancing range confidence alongside an extensive network.
Porsche Macan EV features 100 kWh battery and 800-volt architecture, charging 10-80% in 21 minutes at compatible stations.
The Volkswagen ID.4 will soon offer bidirectional charging and plug-and-charge compatibility at Electrify America charging stations.
Autel Energy’s MaxiCharger DC HiPower unveiled at CES 2024 – 640 kW, rapid 10-min range boost, global expansion.
Volvo Cars and Starbucks open public EV fast-charging stations at coffee shops conveniently located on a busy route between Denver and Seattle.
Introducing Velion: The 150kW American DC Fast Charger, built for extreme reliability and backed by Lincoln Electric’s service network.



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