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Introducing Velion: The 150kW American DC Fast Charger, built for extreme reliability and backed by Lincoln Electric’s service network.
eV Power Exchange is establishing itself as Utah’s largest publicly accessible DC fast-charging networks, with plans to expand to the rest of the U.S.
The California Energy Commission awarded $1.88 million to EVCS to build 247 EV chargers in low-income communities in Southern California.
Stellantis partners with AGI for EV readiness, AGI’s expertise ensures reliable EV charging, part of Stellantis’s green commitment.
The Biden Administration released $100 million to repair or replace broken EV chargers around the US.
EV adoption has slowly gained traction due to slow charging speeds, but this could change with innovations in EV charging technology.
Use your EV’s navigation system and charging apps to find electric vehicle charging stations.
Charging an electric car is becoming more consistent at public EV charging stations, so how long will it take to charge your EV?
Circle K opened its first EV charging site using ABB E-mobility Terra 184 DC fast chargers.
Nissan pioneers EV charging convenience by adopting Tesla’s NACS. Ariya models get NACS adapter in 2024; Nissan EVs have NACS ports by 2025 for Tesla Superchargers.




BMW and Mercedes-Benz Start EV Charging Network in China


Honda Finally Joins The Electric Revolution

Electreon road wireless charger concept

Wireless EV Charging Sets New Standards and Promises a Sustainable Future