EVCS Supercharges Washington State with 52 Fast Chargers Across 21 Locations
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EVCS Supercharges Washington State with 52 Fast Chargers Across 21 Locations

EVCS Supercharges Washington State with 52 Fast Chargers Across 21 Locations
  • EVCS is expanding in Washington State with 52 new fast chargers across 21 locations.
  • Ultra-fast chargers with 175kW and 350kW capabilities will reduce recharge time to just 30 minutes.
  • The expansion aims to serve all EVs, e-bikes, and e-scooters, benefiting residents, tourists, and commuters.

If you’re an electric vehicle (EV) owner in Washington State, EVCS is about to take your driving experience to the next level. The popular EV fast-charging network is set to expand its service across the state, bringing a whopping 52 new fast chargers to 21 locations. This means, more convenience, more accessibility, and more charging options are coming your way!

The construction work has already begun, and the first batch of locations will be up and running very soon. This project is set to conclude by late 2023, bringing joy to EV owners. With 52 brand-new DC fast chargers being installed, you won’t have to worry about finding an available charger ever again.

Introducing Ultra-Fast Chargers for Lightning-Fast Recharge

EVCS is pulling out all the stops with their latest expansion. For the first time ever, they’re introducing ultra-fast chargers that can deliver 175kW and 350kW of power. What does that mean for you? It means that you’ll be able to recharge your EV’s battery in as little as 30 minutes. That’s right, a pit stop to charge up your vehicle will be shorter than a coffee break! This upgrade will make long-distance travel a breeze for EV drivers.

Each of the new charging locations will also be equipped with a Level 2 charger and a 110V outlet. All types of EVs, be it fully battery electric or plug-in hybrid, can charge effortlessly. Plus, if you’re a fan of e-bikes or e-scooters, EVCS has got you covered too!

Unveiling Convenient Locations for Faster, Worry-Free Travel

Now, let’s talk about the locations. EVCS is expanding its service to nine new locales, including the picturesque Port Townsend, charming Poulsbo, and beautiful Bainbridge Island. Additionally, Gig Harbor, Kingston, and Port Orchard will also benefit from this electrifying expansion. Imagine the convenience of fast-charging stations right at your doorstep!

EVCS is also setting their sights on the Cascade Loop National Scenic Byway, with new charging locations launching in Twisp, Pateros, and Newhalem. This is fantastic news for those who love to embark on road trips along this breathtaking route. No more range anxiety! Fast chargers strategically located along the way offer peace of mind, ensuring your EV remains powered up.

EVCS Secures Key Partnership to Expand EV Charging Infrastructure in Washington State

In a significant milestone for EVCS and their commitment to supporting EV adoption in Washington State, the expansion project was awarded to them by the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) in September 2022. The Zero-Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Partnerships (ZEVIP) program fosters a partnership that demonstrates commitment to sustainable transportation and EV growth.

This collaboration between EVCS, Forth, Energy Northwest, and the WSDOT signifies a collective effort to create a robust charging infrastructure across the state. By joining forces, they aim to make electric vehicle charging more accessible and convenient for Washingtonians. The expansion of EVCS’s charging network builds upon their existing 12 charging locations, which were part of the West Coast Electric Highway acquisition. It’s clear that EVCS is committed to taking the lead in shaping the future of EV charging in the region.

EVCS Spearheads EV Adoption with Innovative Charging Solutions

With the support of the ZEVIP program and their strategic partnerships, EVCS is poised to make a significant impact on the transition to zero-emission transportation in Washington State. By expanding their fast-charging network and introducing cutting-edge technologies, they are driving the adoption of electric vehicles and facilitating a greener future.

This latest endeavor by EVCS reinforces their position as a pioneer in the electric vehicle industry. As Gustavo Occhiuzzo, CEO and Co-Founder of EVCS, expressed, “Our goal is to democratize the EV charging experience by tackling some of the largest hurdles EV drivers face today.” With the backing of the ZEVIP grant and their unwavering dedication, EVCS is turning this vision into a reality.

EVCS Expands Charging Infrastructure for a Greener Washington State

So, as EVCS undertakes this ambitious expansion project, Washington State residents can look forward to a more accessible, reliable, and convenient charging infrastructure. The partnership between EVCS, Forth, Energy Northwest, and the WSDOT sets a precedent for sustainable transportation initiatives, making the transition to electric vehicles smoother and more appealing for all.

EVCS is playing a significant role in promoting environmentally friendly transportation in Washington State. They are committed to adopting EVs, collaborating with strategic partners, and receiving support from the ZEVIP program. Their expansion of fast-charging locations is a testament to their unwavering dedication to making electric vehicles a viable and sustainable mode of transportation.


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