National Car Charging Joins Forces With Kempower
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National Car Charging Joins Forces With Kempower

Kempower EV charging partners with National Car Charging
  • Kempower to provide reliable chargers to the US via National Car Charging
  • New manufacturing facility set to open in North Caroline by the end of 2023
  • Kempower plans to manufacture thousands of DC fast chargers by the end of 2024

In a move set to strengthen the US electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, National Car Charging, the country’s largest and most experienced EV charging station reseller and installer, has announced a significant partnership with Kempower. 

The collaboration involves integrating Kempower’s rapid EV charging technology into NCC’s portfolio of EV charging solutions, aiming to solidify the US’s rapidly growing EV market. “We’re incredibly excited to be partnering with Kempower,” said Jim Burness, CEO and founder of National Car Charging. “They’re known globally for their uptime stats, reliability, and durability. Kempower is exactly what the American market has been waiting for.”


Expansion for Kempower

Finnish firm Kempower is gearing up to introduce its Satellite and Power Unit products in North America, reflecting a crucial expansion milestone. Despite its deep roots in Finland, Kempower is set to open a production facility in North Carolina by the end of this year, planning to manufacture thousands of DC fast-charging units by the end of 2024. These units will primarily focus on NEVI-compliant stations to cater to the burgeoning demand.

Kempower prides itself on its commitment to delivering world-class EV charging solutions, ensuring user-friendly charging experiences and superior reliability. With the US fast becoming the world’s quickest-growing EV market, this partnership aligns with the increasing demand for dependable EV charging, a key factor in transitioning from gasoline vehicles to electric.

The ideal partnership

Marcus Suvanto, Business Development Director, North America at Kempower explained the partnership: “The U.S. market is growing at lightning speed, and we are moving quickly to meet the demand. As a leading market provider, we view National Car Charging as an ideal partner. Their outstanding commitment to the environment and EV driver satisfaction matches our own and will make us a formidable team in building out EV infrastructure in the U.S.”

This development comes in the wake of President Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure bill signed in late 2022, which included $7.5 billion in funding for EV charging. As Burness pointed out, “Electrification is a big shift. To make that easier, we only work with providers like Kempower who offer quality and innovative products designed to go the distance.”




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