eV Power Exchange is Building a Powerful Charging Network
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eV Power Exchange is Building a Powerful Charging Network

eVpower exchange charging station in a parking lot
  • eV Power Exchange is on track to establish itself as one of Utah’s largest publicly accessible DC fast-charging networks by the end of 2023.
  • The eV Power Exchange network is redefining the EV charging space with its heavy emphasis on DC fast chargers.
  • eV Power Exchange has formed valuable partnerships with property owners and merchants, allowing drivers to reap benefits from participating businesses while their car charges, effectively eliminating idle waiting time.

In the face of escalating Electric Vehicle (EV) demand in North America, the current EV infrastructure struggles to keep pace, highlighting its deficiencies and inability to handle a surge in EVs. The situation calls for an expansive, integrated charging network capable of supporting this growth. eV Power Exchange, a trailblazer in the Electric Vehicle Service Provider (EVSP) sector, is primed to cause a disruption and secure a substantial proportion of the North American EV charging market, with its initial focus on Utah.

Utah, renowned for its progressive approach to sustainable transport, provides the perfect springboard for eV Power Exchange. The firm is on course to establish itself as one of Utah’s largest publicly accessible DC fast-charging networks by the close of this year, with an ambitious vision for expansion throughout the Mountain West states.

Utah’s Pioneering Spirit in Sustainable Transport Is Fueling the Growth of EV Power Exchange

Utah provides a perfect setting for eV Power Exchange’s ambitious plans. The state’s enthusiasm towards EVs, combined with support from local property owners and government agencies, has enabled eV Power to establish a strong presence in Utah. Currently, eV Power boasts state-of-the-art charging stations across Salt Lake City, Utah, with many more in the pipeline. Their network already covers numerous locations and is set to grow further, offering a convenient and reliable charging experience to EV drivers.

eV Power’s Vision for Superior EV Charging Offerings

Supreme Reliability

eV Power Exchange is not just about fast and compatible charging; it also focuses on offering a reliable service. With a dedicated support line available 24/7, any arising issues can be promptly addressed, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable charging experience for users.

User-Friendly App

To amplify convenience and community engagement, eV Power Exchange boasts a user-friendly mobile app. The app effortlessly connects drivers to the network and its merchant partners, simplifying the charging process and strengthening the connection between the EV community and local businesses.

Supporting Local Communities and Economies

eV Power is more than a charging network; it also serves as a platform to support local communities and economies. By linking EV drivers with their communities and aiding local businesses in adapting to the electrified transportation era, the company continues to enact its commitment to sustainability and community growth.

Complete EV Compatibility

eV Power Exchange has prioritized inclusivity in its service by making sure its chargers accommodate all EV models. Even Tesla owners can use the charging network with the correct adapter, extending the reach of this charging network to a broader EV community.

Improving the EV Charging Experience

eV Power Exchange, under the leadership of CEO and Co-Founder Mark Sampson and CFO and Co-Founder Ralph Proceviat, is relentlessly driving progress in the EV charging landscape. With a dedicated top-tier team based in Vancouver and Salt Lake, as well as a global and US-based ecosystem of team members and strategic partners, they are leading a revolution in electrified transportation. Their unwavering commitment to sustainability and community growth is reflected in every stride they make towards creating an inclusive, compatible, and reliable EV charging network.

“We’re doing things differently. Our approach is to be a catalyst in the development of standards in an industry that really does not have any. We plan to do that by leading by example. EV owners deserve better than what is available to them today. Those standards will include high availability, reliability, and quality standards. We’re doing it because we care about the planet and also about the EV driver experience. We don’t want drivers to have to worry about where they’ll get their next charge,” said CEO and Co-Founder Mark Sampson.

eV Power Exchange, a Driving Force in Electric Transportation

eV Power Exchange is championing the adoption of sustainable transportation. They stay true to their dedication by providing seamless EV charging experiences that rival the reliability and consistency of traditional gas refueling. As a rapidly expanding Electric Vehicle Service Provider (EVSP), they are at the forefront of delivering efficient charging solutions to North America’s burgeoning EV community.

Convenience and reliability are their fundamental tenets, with their services designed to integrate charging into the routine of daily driving seamlessly. Also, their innovative approach extends to forming partnerships with local businesses, creating a symbiotic relationship that favors both EV drivers and the community. In essence, eV Power Exchange is not just an EVSP; it is a driving force shaping the future of sustainable transportation.



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