Delta Makes DC Wallbox EV Charger for EMEA Region

Delta Makes DC Wallbox EV Charger for EMEA Region

dc wallbox ev charger
  • Delta recently announced the launch of its DC Wallbox 50kW EV charger in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.
  • The Wallbox is meant to be ultra-thin and supremely efficient, built for a range of site needs.
  • Drivers can get an additional 200 km (124 miles) of range with just an hour of charging.

Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, has introduced its DC Wallbox 50kW EV charger in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (the EMEA region). This new DC Wallbox EV charger offers impressive features that look to enhance the charging experience for EV owners, including a charging efficiency of 97%.

How Well the DC Wallbox EV Charger Works

With the DC Wallbox 50kW, EVs can get over 200 km (124 miles) in just one hour of charging. It also has a slim design – only 25 cm (9.8 inches) wide – making it suitable for roadside parking, near commercial buildings, and EV fleet charging stations. 

This compact footprint means the DC Wallbox EV charger requires 40% of the installation space a regular DC charger would need. The slim profile also allows for flexible installation options like floor- or wall-mounted configurations. 

With that charging efficiency of up to 97%, the Wallbox outperforms other DC chargers, too. When charged at full load daily for eight hours, it can save up to 7,300 kWh of electricity loss compared to chargers with just a 92%-95% efficiency, which means some major cost savings.

The Delta comes equipped with dual outputs to accommodate different operator needs depending on the site. It also supports the main charging interface standards to make sure it’s compatible with all EVs. 

Then there’s the user-friendly 7-inch screen and an RFID card reader for easy authentication. The charger also offers built-in ethernet and wireless communication features for remote management, simplifying multi-site maintenance and energy management.

Vincent Lin, Senior Director of e-Mobility & Smart Energy Solutions business development at Delta Electronics EMEA, highlighted the convenience of EV charging compared to refueling traditional vehicles at gas stations. But he also understands the impact that EV chargers can have on parking availability. “Installing conventional EV chargers may impact parking space allocation, especially in metropolitan areas. To overcome this, Delta’s DC Wallbox 50kW is designed to provide charging facilities where space is limited,” he said.

How To Get a DC Wallbox EV Charger For Your Site

Remember that these have only been launched in the EMEA region, so we currently can’t get them here in the U.S. But if you’re in Europe, the Middle East, or Africa, you may be able to get the Wallbox for your site. Interested individuals can reach out to their local sales representatives via email or visit Delta’s website at


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